Want To See A Michael Bay NFS: The Run Trailer? Do EA's Work For Them.

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How’s this… apparently the day and age is upon us to start doing the work of companies who are trying to sell to us the products they want us to market.

Yes, as reported, EA has brought in Michael ‘my movies have more explosions than lines of dialogue” Bay to direct a trailer for Need for Speed: The Run but guess what? We can’t just watch it… nope, we must earn it. EA wants you all to head on over to this Facebook page and like it. If they get 250,000 likes, they will release the commercial early.

So, you can go ahead and click the link if you like but I am personally not about to go and advertise their product to all of my friends and followers only for them to serve up yet another advertisement.

Last Updated: November 3, 2011

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