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Want to see your Kill/Death ratio in Modern Warfare? It’ll cost you $20.

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As a part of the Mother Russia bundle, players will now be able to purchase a specific watch to communicate the statistic which is unavailable anywhere else in the game.


The Kill/Death ratio, or K/D as it’s more commonly known, has become one of the hallmarks of nearly every competitive shooter. Comparing a player’s total kills to the total amount of times a player has died is short, simple way to figure out just how well (or poorly) you’re playing. It’s a useful bit of shorthand that might not drastically alter your strategy in the middle of a game but it’s a nice way to keep track of your progress as you (hopefully) watch that ratio get closer to 1:1.

The K/D ratio has been a staple part of Call of Duty since as far back as I can remember, so it was strange to see that in Modern Warfare it wasn’t a statistic that was readily available on the scoreboard in the middle of a match which was honestly something I appreciated. As someone who’s not, shall we say, MLG-Pro-Hyper-Skill-Esports-Champion at shooters it removes an element of frustration when my poor K/D isn’t constantly shoved in my face. Although for those that prefer knowing that ratio, Infinity Ward has you covered and I’m not sure you’ll be pleased to know how…

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As a part of the Mother Russia Bundle, Modern Warfare players will be able to purchase an in-game watch called “Time to Die” which can be checked in the middle of a match to see one’s K/D ratio. Sounds pretty neat and immersive, until you realise that the watch will cost you an extra $20. Which seems to defeat the point of removing deaths from the in-game scoreboard, something fans of Modern Warfare have been requesting since the game launched back in October. What’s even more strange is that the Time to Die watch is a limited-time item, meaning that once the item rotates out of the shop players’ K/D ration will once again be unknowable.

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Unsurprisingly, the community hasn’t been pleased with such a basic and commonly used statistic being barred behind a 20$ paywall, with many lamenting the fact that such a common statistic is being monetised and for a price that’s fairly steep. Infinity Ward has yet to announce anything regarding the inclusion of deaths outside of the Time to Die watch or whether or not something will take its place once the Mother Russia Bundle becomes unavailable.

Last Updated: December 17, 2019

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