Warbeast Wireless PS3 Guitar – It just screams sexy

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warbeast wireless guitar 2

So you enjoy rocking out to Rockband or Guitar Hero but yet at the same time your style is being cramped by the cheap plastic guitars that ship with the games, well your worries are now over.

DreamGear has created the pinnacle of plastic guitar goodness with their WarBeast Wireless Guitar for the PlayStation 3. 

Not only does it look awesome but it has tons of extra features to help you really own the stage, such as the dedicated star power button, extended strum bar, removable face plate and a funky little switch to choose which game you are actually playing.

Now I will be honest here, I would love to own one of these bad boys but isn’t this pushing the rockstar dream just that little bit to far?

Or can you think of something even more awesome than this?

Source: Uncrate

[Thanks to spl0it for the tip]

Last Updated: January 20, 2009

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