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Warframe has some nightmare fuel in store for players with the Heart of Deimos expansion

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Heart of Deimos

Warframe AKA what would happen if Terry Gilliam made a Destiny movie, is as big as ever and this weekend’s TennoCon 2020 had plenty of new reveals in store for the long-running free-to-play game. The biggest news coming out of the digital convention was the launch of a third open-world expansion, Heart of Deimos. Not the fella from Assassin’s Creed Odyssey by the way.

Cranking the nightmare factor up to 11, you’ll be taking your frame into a terrifying landscape that appears to be based on the fever dreams of HR Geiger. The second moon of Mars happens to be the stomping grounds of The Infected, grotesque monsters that have infected their hosts with a thirst for mayhem. Developer Digital Extremes revealed that Heart of Deimos will be smaller in scale when compared to Fortuna and the Plains of Eidolon, but it’ll be about as dense as a Flat-Earth believer to make up for the reduced map size.

A new tunnel network made up of procedurally-generated routes, should keep players busy for a long time. Also the sun and the moon on Deimos is actually two gigantic worms constantly eating each other, in case you needed another example as to just how weird this new update really is. Here’s a breakdown on details of interest, gleaned from TennoCon:

  • The community designed Xaku Warframe will launch with the new expansion at the end of August
  • Two other warframes are also launching this year
  • The Alchemist is a warframe science warrior kit with a mad-on for violence
  • Wraithe is the second, although its abilities have yet to be revealed
  • Hydroid Prime is the latest Prime Variant, and it’ll be free to anyone who watched TennoLive with their Twitch account linked
  • Some of Warframe’s old Derelict Key missions will be repurposed for Heart of Deimos.
  • The new open-world area is called Cambion Drift.
  • Whatever happens to be inside of Deimos, is also connected to the Void.
  • The Infested are currently worming their way through the moon, and it’s up to you to stop Deimos from having a heart attack.
  • You’ll be able to power up your frames by replacing one of its abilities with a new one.
  • Digital Extremes says this will create a new mix and match system.
  • You’ll do these upgrades from the Helminth Infirmary on your ship which is finally opening up.
  • Also, the room is inhabited by a giant Feshmouth monster that wants you to feed it all your unwanted resources. Business as usual then.
  • You can also sacrifice a warframe so that you can infuse another warframe with its ability.
  • The Helminth won’t accept Prime-Variant warframes, seeing as how they’re super-rare.
  • The Deimos tunnels will feature a fast-travel system.
  • You can now fish for flying fish.

Wait, let’s talk about the Nightmare Fuel flesh suit you can make!

Yeah, pretty much what the heading says. This is a hella weird way to start a Monday. There’s a new enemy type on the prowl in Heart of Deimos, called Necramechs. They’re fast, spooky and they’ll shave your life bar into extinction with a few blows. You can actually take control of one of these beasts, hopping into its torso control section and using its heavy firepower to lay waste to fiends. You’ll also be able to build your own Nechramech, which you can summon to your side in any of the other open-world zones in Warframe.

Heart of Deimos has a release date penciled in, for August 25 on pretty much all the current-gen platforms.

Last Updated: August 3, 2020

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