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Warner Bros. Montréal just released new cryptic teases for the next Batman game

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WB Court of Owls 2

You can’t keep doing this to me Warner Bros. Montreal. I get how video game marketing works, the slow burn to build hype and push expectations up for a title but when it comes to Batman this is just torture. This is death by a thousand cuts, each new tweet slowly drawing my fanboy blood with a swift gash of excitement.

Here’s the latest in that years-long saga that has made my body look like a Victor Zsasz cosplay with all of the hype tally marks. A couple of hours ago WB Montreal uploaded a series of images on their social media pages. Facebook had this image:

Batman Badge (3)

Twitter had this one:

Batman Badge (2)

And Instagram saw this piece of the puzzle posted:

Batman Badge (4)

Once all the pieces were aligned, here’s the Voltron that they formed:

Batman Badge (1)

Which all forms something…different. In many ways, this looks like a police badge of sorts for a law enforcement division. Alongside the phrase of “capture the knight”, could this mean that the next Batman game sees the caped crusader on the run from Gotham’s thin blue line? The answer is a very definitive I don’t know maybe lol.

There’s no shortage of stories where Batman has been on the wrong side of the law in the past, but a tale that pits the dark knight against the cops who presumably have a few bad apples in their ranks and have launched a manhunt for the infamous vigilante, would be a neat twist. Until WB Montreal finally reveals just what it is that they’ve been cooking, the game of teases will continue.

Court of Owls Batman

Back in September, the studio celebrated Batman day by flashing these images on buildings:

A few days later, Batman’s best comic book writer of the modern era tweeted a cryptic #bewarethecourtofowls, although that tweet was shortly deleted afterwards. Whatever it is that WB Montreal is planning to announce, it’ll be the culmination of a years-long mystery worthy of the world’s greatest detective when they finally do let the bat out of the bag.

Last Updated: January 10, 2020

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