Was there really a backlash against women in FIFA 16?

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So we heard last week that EA sports were going to be adding female teams to the game this year and within moments there was a huge flurry of articles shouting down the angry misogynistic mob who were so against women being added to their game.

Which is all good and well but the more articles I see going up about this the more it feels like people are just preaching and aren’t actually reacting to anything solid. So I started doing some research this morning to find the people who are so angry at the inclusion of females in the game and I have to admit that I’ve come up a bit short here.

I’ve found a smattering of twitter people who have made offensive jokes, some people who have said that they won’t buy the game now and many discussions around the quality of the women involved and how the rating system will work. Here’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

Peter Moore, the top dog at EA Sports, called out a hate below.

Now the guy (LP) is obviously a tool if he’s not going to buy the game because it now includes women but to call him a women hater and to then claim what he posted was vitriol is a bit of an over reaction, I think. The level of response from all sides of the media and personalities involved doesn’t seem to match the spattering of tweets from a small minority of the gaming public.

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So about those ratings

Every FIFA player knows that the rating system in FIFA is vital to the way the game plays and is, and always will be, a bone of contention with the fans. They either feel their star player is rated too low or their rival teams players are rated too highly. It’s never been a major disaster for anyone involved though but we are going to be having an internet sh*tstorm of note later this year when the women’s ratings are revealed.

It is an undisputed fact that the elite men are better at football than elite women. You can say it’s because the men’s game is bigger with a great deal more support, or because men are biologically stronger and faster than women but however you want to slice it the fact remains that the top female footballers are not as good as the top male footballers. So are FIFA going to rate them using the same secret rating system they use on all the men in the sport or are they going to give them their very own rating system.

Honestly I’m not sure which will cause the bigger offence.

They are either going to be rated mid to low levels in the game or are going to have inflated scores in their own rating system. Hey, at least all the white knights will have something to get upset about later this year.

Last Updated: June 1, 2015

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