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Watch Dogs 2 claims 10 ways it’s been improved

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I enjoyed Watch Dogs, but I never actually finished it. While I liked the gameplay a lot, that Aiden character was just so very bland, it was like playing as a gritty, strangely angry and revenge-fueled dish rag. This time around, Watch Dogs 2 is promising a much more interesting character, lively city and engrossing story. In fact, they have done so much to build upon the original game that they’ve released a video showing off the 10 improvements. Here it is.

For those who don’t watch videos, the list is:

  1. Driving – Driving sounds a lot more arcade-like and fun. Cars grip the road better, and ever vehicle comes with a boost, something you can chalk up to a hack or city-wide obsession with car modding.
  2. Hacking – While you still need to see what you’re hacking, thanks to camera drones “line of sight” has new meaning. Plus, there are simply more options: you can hack cars, turn people’s phones on to distract them or make the police interested in them.
  3. Side Activities – of course these have been revamped, including puzzle solving and some weird version of Uber where you pick up people with strange requests.
  4. Fighting – It seems Marcus has actually found a cool use for a lanyard as his weapon. Plus you can use a taser or send in gang members to soften up an area before infiltrating.
  5. Parkour – Marcus is more agile, showing more fluidity in movement and a lot easier to control.
  6. Flexible missions – Missions have clear goals and otherwise open design so that players can find a variety of solutions and complete missions according to their preferred play styles.
  7. Customization – Dress up Marcus in all manner of fun and weird outfits, and even 3D print his guns with silly and unique patterns.
  8. Sailing – Pay attention to the wind and set sail using the same basic mechanics as Assassin’s Creed Black Flag. Come sail away…
  9. A likable hero – Instead of a brooding vigilante, Marcus is more lighthearted, easy going and funny.
  10. Dogs – You can pet dogs on the street. Um, okay.

Honestly, as long as the hacking and stealth options are improved, along with a more interesting character and story, I’ll be very happy. I have a good feeling about Watch Dogs 2; I still agree with Geoff that it should be the thinking man’s open world game, and I think there could be some solid stuff in the franchise. At least, I hope so.

Last Updated: September 27, 2016

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