Watch Dogs 2 is taking many steps forward, and only a few backwards

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Watch Dogs 2 video preview

Watch Dogs 2 is certainly looking like one of the more anticipated games of the year, and after my second batch of time with the game last week a I was only more convinced. Ubisoft Montreal has seemingly heard many of the complaints over their first attempt, and are attempting to remedy them one by one. And for the most part they’ve succeeded, if not leaving just a few out in the cold still.

At least that’s the impression I was left with after my three hours with the game, which took me through the game’s opening and early missions. As I detailed last week, Watch Dogs 2 exemplifies thought and preparation, pushing stealth and hacking to the forefront of its gameplay. And it’s hacking that goes beyond the small change of traffic light here and there. With a bigger assortment of gadgets, Marcus can bend technology to his will – and create some exhilarating gameplay moments doing it.

There are still some small niggling issues that managed to crop up though. Driving, for example, still feels strangely lacklustre. Vehicles have no real sense of weight to them, and simply slide around the road with little feedback. Cover-based shooting too was fairly standard in my time, although considering I didn’t choose to go in guns blazing that often, I didn’t get a chance to truly mess around with it. The latter could certainly change with access to new weapons or gear, but it is disappointing that some gripes have managed to make it in the game yet again.

Still, my overall impression was still overwhelmingly positive, and it’s built on the smile I walked away with when playing the game at E3. Watch Dogs 2 has been marred by the scars of its predecessor, but its new take on the franchise is one that looks to be paying off already.

Last Updated: October 31, 2016

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