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Watch Dogs Legion Preview – London’s Calling once again

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Like most Ubisoft games, Watch Dogs was better in the idea phase of its life cycle than it was in the execution of it. Touching on the fears of an out of control surveillance state and giving you access to a smartphone that had an impossibly decent battery life, what Watch Dogs had going for it was an interesting premise, a new take on controlling the environment and a lead character who was a bit of a dull twat.

Fast forward a few years, and old man Aiden Pearce was gone, replaced instead with a hip and fresh new gang of hacktivists on a crusade. Here’s the problem though: Some people preferred playing as Aiden, others enjoyed pretending to be young again and going “how do you do fellow kids” as they stuck it to the man.

What was the perfect solution then? To open up the idea of identity more than ever before, slap you into a London at the height of Big Brother paranoia and leave you to bash the fash in your own distinct manner. Through the miracle of whatever the hell dark pact Ubisoft struck to get get this right, Gavin’s been playing preview builds of Watch Dogs Legion without having to ever leave the safety of his bomb shelter, and after spending some good time in the not so United Kingdom both physically and digitally, he’s been left wanting more of the comfort junk food that Ubisoft has on its menu.

I grilled him a bit about the game below, which you can listen to below, or alternatively, I’ve grabbed some of his choice quotes about what his experience and transcribed them below:

Dazza: How has the game felt when you played as different characters? You seem to have a blast playing as the football hooligan.

Gazza: The characters they have, they are pretty cool. All the ones I have so far in my team, they really have their own personalities, their own actions. They seem really in-depth which has been really good. Getting the football fan decked out in all his Union Jack gear and then going and beating up old ladies is what I do for a living on the weekend. It’s nice to experience it in-game.

Dazza: Anything bugging you right now about Watch Dogs Legion?

Gazza: At the moment the only real complaint I’ve come across is the UI for your side missions and your main missions. It all gets a bit overwhelming. I’m meant to be recruiting six people and I’ve got all these side missions and I can’t see what I’m actually meant to be doing all the time, so I get a bit lost.

Dazza: How does the game feel? Would anyone who has played a sandbox in the last ten years feel at home here?

Gazza: Starting off yeah, everything works exactly as you’d expect it to. I’ve got a whole bunch of different equipment and abilities, and that I start losing track of very quickly. Your general driving around and interacting, it all just works fine. It’s got some nice, I wouldn’t say parkour, but vaulting abilities and hiding behind concrete blocks when fighting.

Watch Dogs Legion pays a visit to cruel Britannia on October on 29 October for so many platforms.

Last Updated: October 12, 2020

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