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We are all very proud of the guys of Energy eSports for getting invited to the ESWC to play Dota 2. There they will be taking on the likes of Evil Geniuses. In fact, they play eG today, and you can watch and show your support.

That’s right, today is D-Day (D for Dota?) for the guys from Energy eSports. So much Dota today, I hope they’re well rested.

The first game is at 10:30 this morning when Energy takes on the Korean team, Muhan. Next up, eG at 12 followed by aAa at 2:30. At 3:45 they go up against 4FC and at 5 this evening they’ll take on Insight eSports. The top three teams qualify for groups, so let’s show them our support – if only we were there to blow some vuvuzelas. You can buy a tournament ticket via Dota 2, or go watch the live stream here.

Good luck boys, South Africa is rooting for you! We are already so proud of you for getting to the ESWC, imagine how we’ll just burst if you make it through.

Last Updated: October 31, 2013

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