Watch giant robots fighting in The Fall For Cybertron’s multiplayer trailer

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I have no real nostalgic attachment to Transformers. Sure, I watched the cartoons and had a few toys – but it’s really never resonated much with me. Don’t even get me started on the recent films – they went from fun but vapid, to just plain vapid within the space of two sequels. that’s why, I guess, the recent games have come as a such a surprise to me; they’ve actually been good. There’s a new one coming – detailing the destruction of the Transformer’s home world, Cybertron, coming up – and it looks even better.

Made by high Moon Studios, the guys who’ll be doing the recently announced Deadpool game, Fall for Cybetron looks pretty damned good. We recently got to have a look at the game running, and it seems to offer some great 3rd-person robot-destroying action. Here’s a look at some of that action, in a multiplayer trailer showing off some of the epic robot battle’s you can expect. It’s accompanied by just the sort of thing you want to hear when watching giant robots making each other explode: really loud music.

Last Updated: July 25, 2012

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