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Watch Skylanders in action on iPad

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GC Skylanders

By far the best technical innovation that I saw at Gamescom was Skylanders on iPad. Geoff had already raved about it, but when I saw it for myself I was duly impressed. During an interview, we demoed it so you can see for yourself just how cool it is.

Here is the interview with Toys for Bob’s Paul Reiche III:

I was blown away by how easy and intuitive the technology worked. It’s excellent to see how people will be able to switch from using the portal and controller with a docked tablet, to switching into pure tablet mode. It makes a lot of sense for families – it has become so common for kids to get tablets, and this way they can play the complete game without needing a new console or device.

As you can see, the iPad version simply works, and contains the entire game. It’s ideal for those who will play at home and then take the game on the road, even with minimal notice. All you need to do is pull the iPad out and carry on playing. The controls are still simple and make sense for a tablet-gaming generation. It’s great to see that it’s the real game on tablet – not just a random mobile version.

The developers also explained to me that the game will work across iOS and Android with the same starter pack. On the box will be the list of supported devices, with the list continually updated. I can’t even imagine the headache this must be causing for developers considering the difference sizes and resolutions across various tablets. However, as consumers it is simply a breeze – any tablet, anywhere.

Finally, just check how adorable those tiny Skylanders are. I really wanted to just slip them into my bag when he wasn’t looking – they are far, far too cute.

Last Updated: August 18, 2014

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