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Watch The Prestige in Fortnite this Friday because…you can, I guess?

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It’s genuinely wild that this is a story that’s being written up. Not only has Fortnite taken over the world and retained the top-spot on most streaming platforms for two years running now, but the entire game has turned into a massive marketing tool. I mean, more so than it already was. While Disney and DC Comics have used the game to market their upcoming films and popular characters, at least those events were actually tied into the gameplay. Movie Nite isn’t really about gameplay but rather a means for players to come together and watch a film. Similar to how trailers have been shown in Fortnite, Movie Nite will function the exact same way except on a much larger scale and Chris Nolan is the first director to get his features thrown up on the big-small screen.


Three of Nolan’s biggest films, Inception, The Prestige and Batman Begins, will be shown in Fortnite this Friday. You won’t be able to watch all three, only the film that’s cleared for your country because rights and ownership deals are stupid and weird. In South Africa, our Fortnite players will be able to watch The Prestige after they drop onto Party Royale island. The only condition is that you’re not allowed to stream your viewing experience, which makes sense. If you do, you’ll most likely be smacked with a DMCA notice and no-one wants that.


The first show will start at 14:00 on 26 June (so this Friday), with a repeat at 02:00 for all you night owls, and a final screening at 05:55 for the early birds. If you happen to not be in South Africa and want to figure out what movie you’ll be able to catch during Movie Nite, check out this site here that should provide you with all the answers you’re looking for. Just scroll to the bottom of the page, there’s a handy little drop-down menu for you to peruse.

Last Updated: June 25, 2020

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