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Watch these people suffer the wrath of Dark Souls for the very first time

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I’m a sucker for punishment, but not once have I ever been remotely interested in giving the Dark Souls franchise any portion of my time, not one second, even though 90% of my gaming friends are huge fans and have told me to do so several thousands of times. I don’t know where my disdain stems from to be honest. By all means, I should enjoy this franchise. It has elements that I know I dig; loot, grinding, and sick camp fires! Perhaps it is the difficulty and potential controller throwing I fear the most? Yes, that must be it. I will not play the game and let my hardware suffer, I will watch other do it instead!

Now to be clear, I am the last person to go out of my way to watch a “let’s play” or “reaction” video. I don’t understand the huge popularity surrounding them in general. I do feel there are some exceptions though, and I feel this is one of them.

Watch as these innocent six people suffer the opening portion of the first Dark Souls, and their encounter with the very first boss (via Game Informer):

As somebody who has never played Dark Souls, I found the video stupidly funny.Some of the comments and reactions had my giggling shamelessly! What about you? Have you played the game and do you find these reactions genuine? Tell me you weren’t yelling “DODGE DODGE DODGE” the whole time, because I definitely was.

Last Updated: May 18, 2015

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