Wayne Rooney gets £200,000 from EA Annually, just for Using his Face.

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According to the financial records of the world’s richest swine Wayne Rooney receives £200K from Electronic Arts every year, just for the use of his likeness. That’s just under 2 and a half million Rand, or 30 803 kilograms of Pick ‘n Pay streaky bacon.

Rooney – undoubtedly of porcine heritage – striker for Manchester Utd and England earns more than £760,000 a month for image rights. This, I feel, is far too much. Wouldn’t it be more cost effective to photoshop a Man Utd uniform on to a porcine farm animal of some sort? At least we know how he affords all those pies he obviously keeps stuffing in his face.

Source : CVG

Last Updated: February 2, 2010

Geoffrey Tim

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