We all wore Pagan Min wigs at the Far Cry 4 launch event

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we looked as sexy as this

Far Cry 4 is finally here! Geoff gave it a good playing and rather enjoyed it. While he was slaving away over his review, Zoe and I headed out to the launch event which took place at the awesome Vikrams in Lonehill Shopping Centre. What resulted was an evening of shooting, eating, and spontaneous wig wearing.

No really, the Pagan Min hair accessories induced many, many giggles. Zoe legit looked like his long lost sister. I on the other hand, looked like the product of a very poorly attempted emo haircut/perm hybrid.

We of course, were not the only media up to some blonde shenanigans. Here’s a bunch of other awesome faces, as well as random snaps from the event.

I also got to spend some time with the game itself. Being the bastard hipster I am, I broke from the mainstream of running and shooting and went straight for the much quicker, alternate ending.

After the game kicks off, Pagan Min takes you out for a delightful meal. He leaves shortly after, telling you to remain seated. Naturally, gamers are not a patient bunch, and usually run off immediately to explore Kyrat.

I on the other hand, sat and twiddled my thumbs for a good 15 minutes. Passing journalists must have thought I was the biggest moron, but it all paid off! Pagan Min returned soon enough, and he took me to place my mother’s ashes. The credits rolled soon after. I can now officially say that I have finished Far Cry 4!

In all seriousness, the game looks amazing. From what I saw on other people’s screens, there were no problems whatsoever, and Kyrat was explored lag free.

Thanks to Megarom for hosting another awesome event. It’s always a treat getting to spend a carefree evening with good food and good company!

Last Updated: November 18, 2014

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