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We talk game ratings and perceptions on Xbox podcast

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Alright, so a couple weeks ago you all got to hear me talk about RPGs with Garth and Graeme. If you haven’t listened to it by now, you really should. How could you miss my shocking confessions and “ploughing” references? This time, you get to hear me say things that made the Xbox guys blush.

You can go on over to Soundcloud or just press play on the pretty sound wave. You even get to hear Garth sing:

Who do you think is ultimately responsible for ensuring kids don’t play games outside their age rating? Is it up to the parents, do retailers need to take responsibility? Why do we even have this discussion when the same system is in place for movies and other entertainment? Also, what are your perceptions of gamers? Do you secretly agree with the stereotypes – I know that I defend the fact that there are a whole bunch of gamers across age, race and gender divides, yet I still think of most gamers as male aged 16-35.

So, we’re hoping to do our first podcast this week. Any questions you’d like us to answer? Anything you want us to chat about so you can hear our awesome and varied opinions?

Last Updated: December 2, 2013

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