Weird new concept art sneaks out of Valve

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Hello, what do we have here? Twelve supposedly leaked images of concept art from an as yet unnamed Valve IP? I vote bollocks; Valve doesn’t let anything “leak”. These photographs were snapped by PC Gamer in a recent visit to Valve HQ. There’s no way in hell Valve would have allowed the pictures to be “leaked” let alone taken if they hadn’t wanted them to.

There is speculation that the artwork is tied to Doug Church, who was working on the abandoned EA & Spielberg game LMNO. Church now works at Valve so it is possible that he’s simply brought his old work across to show to new colleagues, or to perhaps inspire further creativity within Valve.

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There is no doubt that the pictures are like nothing Valve has ever done in the past. The link to LMNO is also quite likely as the look of the characters is very similar. If these are in fact concept art pictures from the now dead LMNO, then I’m even more bummed out over that game’s demise.

Don’t forget that Valve did tease a while ago that they had three big announcements coming over the next year. One of those announcements was DOTA2. Could the second be a new IP linked to these images? Hopefully, because some of these characters are fantastic.



Source: CVG
Pics: The Escapist

Last Updated: April 7, 2011

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