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We’re finally getting a new Worms game this year

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We’re finally getting worms this year! The good kind as well, not the kind that helps you lose weight really really fast and is an instant conversation-ender. I’ve always had a ton of love for Team 17’s quirky little franchise ever since I first jammed away many a night in Worms 2 back in a bygone era, and this year will see the little weapons of mass destruction back in action.

Just in time for the 25th anniversary of the series, Team 17 is offering “new ways to play” with this latest edition of Worms. See for yourself in the trailer below which is more of a series recap than anything else:

So adorable. And homicidal, but mostly adorable. If there’s one thing that Worms has managed to do well throughout its two and a half decade run, it has been reinvention. What began with a two-dimensional turn-based strategy game of pure scorched Earth gameplay would eventually transition to 3D action in 2003 with Worms 3D and then the franchise eventually went full circle with Worms WMD in 2016.

Where does Worms go from here? What has Team 17 been up to in the four years since the release of Worms WMD? Will the next Worms game make my skin crawl and send a chill down my very soul when I get an email declaring that the 2020 game is a soulslike experience using blockchain technology? For the love of the holy hand grenade (HALLELUJAH) anything but that last one, Team 17.

What I do hope to see, is the the trademark silliness of Worms. Adorable little invertebrates, wielding an exotic arsenal of weapons which take the piss out of everything that has dominated the news cycle over the last half-decade. Throw in that bonkers cache of weapons, poke everything and watch chaos unfold. A classic recipe for Worms. Again, for the game not the other kind.

Last Updated: March 10, 2020

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