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Were you a 90’s gamer?

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I started gaming in the early eighties – but its the games from the nineties that really shaped me as a gamer. Late NES games (Super Mario Bros 3 <3), SNES and Genesis/Megadrive games made me.

If you played a ton of games in the 90’s, here’s a heart dose of magical nostalgia.

I’d like to (mistakenly) think that I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of games from the era – but this music quiz game really has proven me wrong. In my defence, I’ve never really noticed video game music much beyond the really classic, stick-in-your-head tunes – like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario and the like.

I got just a little over a third of them without using the hints. How many can you get?

Try it, here.

Last Updated: June 12, 2012

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