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What an exceedingly good idea, jolly good UK

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If there is one thing that drives me absolutely demented about South Africa is the overwhelming negativity that so many of its citizens have. It doesn’t matter what the news is about the population will either rag them for selling out or blame the government.

It drives me nuts and even more so in locally made movies which never show South Africa for what it really is, you either see a crime ridden slum or a back water country more reminiscent of Orania than Sandton.

Which is why I like the series Strike Back on DSTV so much as it’s a UK show that shows all sides of South Africa (and other countries), but I’m so far off the point of this article now I’m not sure I can segue back into it so I’ll just do a straight cut.

The UK actually rewards their local game development companies for pushing UK culture and even more so if it is a positive spin.

According to this information I completely and utterly plagiarised from Kotaku who plagiarised it directly from Develop Online the UK tax man puts games (and media) through a cultural test and rewards points for certain things such as

  • Set in the UK
  • Lead characters are British
  • Original score is in English
  • For promoting, enhancing or developing British culture

They also offer points for the staff being British (BEE anyone) as well as points for a huge array of other options.

It’s a great idea to showcase your country in a good light, or at least showcase it, and while you will find something to complain about it I for one would support that sort of offering here.

Last Updated: December 12, 2012

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