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What are the best games you've ever experienced?

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I’ve been contacted by Becky Selby who is currently studying at Truro College in Cornwall and has been given the task of designing a new game. Becky has asked for your help by telling her what are the best games you’ve ever experienced and why?

There are no rules around this, just leave a comment below with your favourite game experiences and if you can elaborate then great and if not hey you’re still helping out.

I’ll start by saying one of my favourite game experiences was playing deathmatch in Quake 1 on DM4 and being able to dominate the entire map purely by the sounds the opponents were making.

I could hear exactly where everyone was by the sequence of sounds and as such could then constantly be prepared for them, the amount of times I had people run directly into my rockets followed by screams of hacks was a truly awesome experience.

So what made that game for me was not only the fluid movement and freedom but also it was the first time I’ve experienced audio cues to that level in a game.

So, what’s your fondest or oddest gaming memory?

Last Updated: October 10, 2011