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What are we getting for free in Call of Duty Elite?

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It’s your typical gamers mentality at the moment, “what do I get for free?” which goes hand in hand with “why should I pay for that if someone else has something similar for free?”

Well as Xbox Live has proven there are still millions of gamers out there who will pay for something that someone else offers for free if they feel it offers enough advantages.

Activision is about to launch Call of Duty Elite and have very handily put together this easy to read sheet of what you’ll get for free because Activision love you guys so much, and want to lock you into being Call of Duty purchasers for the rest of existence.

And what you’ll need to pay for, the $49.95 fee sounds pretty harsh but you do get a lot for it along with any DLC that gets released which suits me just fine as I never get the map packs until I want to play online and can’t.


As always click to make it more readable.

So does this entice you to fork out the R500? If not are you at least happy you are being given a ton of features at no cost or is that somehow still irritating you?

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Last Updated: September 6, 2011

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