What are we going to see at E3 this year?

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There is a post doing the rounds at the moment of the top 15 expected announcements from E3 this year but unfortunately they don’t really mention anything overly exciting.

You can see their list here but I thought I would quickly throw together the top 10 things that I want to see at E3 this year.

Did I miss something that you expect?

  1. Gears of War 3 – Starting with something obvious
  2. Call of Duty: Vietnam – We just need the official name really
  3. New Xbox 360 Software upgrade – Limitless friends, second tier countries (SA, Brazil & Greece etc.), Clans
  4. Zune HD+ – Now with touch screen gaming
  5. PSPGo UMD adaptor
  6. Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Release date November 2010
  7. Project Natal lag free
  8. Dual wielding PS3 Arc’s
  9. Wii HD
  10. A new Burnout
  11. Booth babes

Also do let me know what you want us to focus on when we are at E3…

Last Updated: February 8, 2010

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