What Do PS3 Owners Want from the PS3?

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Playstation Blog Share is a community-driven initiative by Sony whereby users can participate and comment (read : bitch) about what Sony can do to improve the “Playstation Experience” – and hopefully get their voices heard. Its a pretty damn good method of customer feedback, if you ask me.

It employs a vote-based system, much like Reddit, or Digg, with the most voted options rising to the top. The top features people would like implemented should come as no surprise to anybody.

So what is it that PS3 users want? Despite many PS3 owners saying it’s unnecessary, the most requested feature is Cross-game chat – a feature of Microsoft’s Xbox Live. The second is the return of PS2 backwards compatibility – even if it’s via software emulation like on the 360. Coming up third is the auto-synching of trophies, another feature that the 360 already has in regards to achievements.

It’s the fourth item on the list that made me smile though. The fourth most requested item is that Kevin Butler, the multi-titled VP of all things Playstation in Sony’s “It only does everything” advertising host Sony’s E3 press conference this year – and that’s a campaign I can really get behind. That particular slew of adverts has been Sony’s best, and everyone would benefit from a little more Kevin butler, VP of Awesome.

Last Updated: March 18, 2010

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