What does the biggest gaming tournament in SA look like?

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So you’re sitting there thinking why would you be interested in seeing a bunch of gamers playing SC2 against each other this weekend? Well if you are not a massive SC2 fan then that’s a pretty realistic question so let me tell you why I’m excited.

I’m not the biggest Starcraft fan, I enjoy the game but I don’t have the time to excel at it and every single one of these guys would destroy me an in instant but I’m excited to go for other reasons.

First up we get to see the best of the best in our industry and that always interests me but it’s more than that. Megarom, Internet Solutions. AMD and the MSSA have put a lot of effort into making this a world class event. We are all about pushing South African gaming forward and this is a huge investment by the local industry to try and do that. I would love to see it overflowing with gamers.

We’re going to be live streaming the games (if we get the technical aspect right), interviewing spectators, players, organisers and each other at the event so if you come past you could become website famous… you could also get to see how big Yolanda’s gotten in her 8 months of pregnancy which shows that even gamers have sex.

It’s free to enter and they’re going to give us food and drinks.. so if you’re poor here’s your dietary requirements for Saturday completed.

AMD are setting up some spectator machines so that you can take your friends on and the rumour is that you are going to be given the chance to go head to head with Pandatank himself. The record for surviving so far is 8 minutes.. beat that and I’m sure you’ll be receiving some sort of prize. (not confirmed, but I’ll get Geoff to hug you at least)

Oh and did I mention how awesome the venue design looks? No? Well take a look at these killer designs

Starcraft forum6 Starcraft forum5Starcraft forum4 Starcraft forum3Starcraft forum2 Starcraft forum1

But wait that’s not all… if you RSVP today then we’ll also throw in this picture of Devon looking like grumpy cat.. actually you can just have this because it’s awesome.


But if you come to the show you will get to see Devon in person and judge the similarity for yourself.

Sorry Devon, but it’s for a good cause after all.

The event starts at 10am with the main test match between South Africa and Romania planned for 2:30pm with the finals of the tournament starting up again at 4pm. So come anytime and it will be held here. No excuses will be entered into.

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Last Updated: March 15, 2013

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