What does the biggest gaming tournament in SA look like?

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So you’re sitting there thinking why would you be interested in seeing a bunch of gamers playing SC2 against each other this weekend? Well if you are not a massive SC2 fan then that’s a pretty realistic question so let me tell you why I’m excited.

I’m not the biggest Starcraft fan, I enjoy the game but I don’t have the time to excel at it and every single one of these guys would destroy me an in instant but I’m excited to go for other reasons.

First up we get to see the best of the best in our industry and that always interests me but it’s more than that. Megarom, Internet Solutions. AMD and the MSSA have put a lot of effort into making this a world class event. We are all about pushing South African gaming forward and this is a huge investment by the local industry to try and do that. I would love to see it overflowing with gamers.

We’re going to be live streaming the games (if we get the technical aspect right), interviewing spectators, players, organisers and each other at the event so if you come past you could become website famous… you could also get to see how big Yolanda’s gotten in her 8 months of pregnancy which shows that even gamers have sex.

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It’s free to enter and they’re going to give us food and drinks.. so if you’re poor here’s your dietary requirements for Saturday completed.

AMD are setting up some spectator machines so that you can take your friends on and the rumour is that you are going to be given the chance to go head to head with Pandatank himself. The record for surviving so far is 8 minutes.. beat that and I’m sure you’ll be receiving some sort of prize. (not confirmed, but I’ll get Geoff to hug you at least)

Oh and did I mention how awesome the venue design looks? No? Well take a look at these killer designs

Starcraft forum6 Starcraft forum5Starcraft forum4 Starcraft forum3Starcraft forum2 Starcraft forum1

But wait that’s not all… if you RSVP today then we’ll also throw in this picture of Devon looking like grumpy cat.. actually you can just have this because it’s awesome.


But if you come to the show you will get to see Devon in person and judge the similarity for yourself.

Sorry Devon, but it’s for a good cause after all.

The event starts at 10am with the main test match between South Africa and Romania planned for 2:30pm with the finals of the tournament starting up again at 4pm. So come anytime and it will be held here. No excuses will be entered into.

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Last Updated: March 15, 2013

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • I WILL SEE YOU ALL THERE! Around 12-1 because I <3 my sleep 😀

    • AndriyP

      Was going to be there but alas have a busy weekend ahead

    • Admiral Chief Erwin

      See you then MattyFig

      • Sir Captain Rincethis

        I thought you had other plans?

        • Admiral Chief Erwin

          I do and I don’t, its complicated

          • Sir Captain Rincethis

            is that like a, I plan on forgetting flowers, so I will NEVER have plans any more? 😛

          • When ever something is “complicated” it means theres a woman involved :p

          • Sir Captain Rincethis


  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    Now this is a very important question:

    • AndriyP

      If ‘Beer’ != “”
      event = “attend”
      event = “emergency came up”

      • Admiral Chief Erwin

        😀 nice

  • Sir Captain Rincethis

    Bollocks! I SO want to be here! Damn you Geoffrografy (see what I did there?)

    • matthurstrsa

      I did and gave you an upvote for it. Man I love puns 🙂

      • Sir Captain Rincethis

        You and you alone 🙁

        • matthurstrsa

          Too many angry people. Moan moan moan. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

          • Sir Captain Rincethis

            Agreed, it sickens me. This is an AWESOME event, if I had kids I’d be there like a My Little Pony slaughter weekend. And all these BITCHES do is moan about the fucking semantics of whether it is the BIGGEST or bestest in SA? GROW up people and learn to enjoy something. Honestly mate, some people are truly their happiest, when they are PISSING on someone else’s happiness. Fraggle Fuckers all of them. “Heads to corner and tags OVG”.

          • matthurstrsa

            HA! I think you channeled OVG there! Good rant, have a beer and a bells and a bacon beer waffle.

  • Kinda annoyed I can’t go and perv on Devon…

  • DarkWave

    There is beer cash bar

  • LagBeast

    Not taking anything away from the fact that this is a great step forward having international sc2 players coming to SA is no doubt a great thing. But to say this is the biggest gaming tournament in SA is a bit mis-leading (Something MSSA LOVVVVVVVE doing these days) fewer competitors and lower prize pool than last years Dogaming Champs i have to say this is is not the biggest.

  • If you use the word “biggest” you should clarify in what sense. The Do Gaming Championships in 2012 had a larger SC2 prize pool and as well as more competitors. This event will play host to a more prestigious player base.

    • Not biggest in size, you are quite correct that is dogaming. But when it comes to being official ,which is a big deal, this the largest.

      These problems between gamers and mssa need to be resolved for the betterment of the entire industry.

      • I’m sorry, but again there is a lack of clarity. “Official” ? It’s a gaming tournament with prizes, why are we bogging ourselves down with arbitrary technicalities?

        • Sean don’t be naive! You can’t have an opinion on this matter because you’re not a fully paid up club or member of the MSSA. Please get back into your hole.

          • Guest

            Oh, I forgot, you actually are a fully paid up member. Guess our website is so old we haven’t updated your name!

      • LagBeast

        Official ? hahahahah! IESF is the joke of the international community. My problem with MSSA is how the mis-represent the facts in order to prop themselves into a position that is a false representation of exactly what they do and what is achieved. Propaganda if you will. Doesn’t help when people write up articles that are also mis-representing exactly the grandure of MSSA events… The problem is we need more honest people running things.

        • I’m not disagreeing with the fact that we need way more transparency in the industry.. I just think trying to ignore the MSSA is the worst possible solution

          • LagBeast

            I think ignoring them is probably the only way to show them that they are not the be all and end all of everything…. They need to be humbled. This attitude that they are the centre of gaming in SA is a load of sh1t. They are nothing to be perfectly honest only the perception that they are something is what keeps them floating… any organisation that has funds can bring an international player here i bet you Polarfluke would do an even better job at growing sc2 in terms of international players.

          • Ignoring them has proven to be ineffectual over the last few years… the MSSA is a democratic (if possibly corrupt) organisation.. that’s the way change needs to be made.

          • LagBeast

            I disagree that’s such propaganda, i see no need for them to exist in the first place. People should be representing their teams not their countries. Teams should be growing into organisations just look at Bravado as an example. Pretty soon they will be sending teams overseas to compete in the biggest most badass competitions without the assistance of MSSA so i argue what is their relevance – nothing if you aren’t blinded by the ‘colours’ u receive when trying out (Which isn’t that prestigious) considering the turn out for the comps is pathetic. Time and time again i hear people complaining at how the events are run and the standard of which it is run at. Look at overseas organisations too Na`Vi and Fnatic etc…. some of the best players in the world and they do not need to have a governing body say sure its fine for you to go overseas and play.

          • Oh please, name on recognised sport that is seen in that way? The closest you’ll get is football and even then getting picked for your country is the top honour.

            These are not mutually exclusive ideas but the chance to represent your country is something people should feel honoured about

          • LagBeast

            You are comparing sports with e-sports which is not the same thing. You cannot apply the same standard you do to sports as you do to e-sports. They are vastly different.

          • They shouldn’t be.. when personalities and arrogance are removed there is no reason why eSports can’t be viewed in the same manner as sports

      • What constitutes an event being “Official”

        • A match can only be officially sanctioned by a governing sports body. Come join me tomorrow and we can discuss it. I’m not saying I like the way it works but it cannot be ignored

          • Then who gives a shit about official. Gaming is more about representing you’re own team. Playing for South-Africa who cares. I would rather play for my own team and make a name than I would playing for a South-African team where I could not even choose my own team.

          • Playing for your country is an honour that very few people ever receive. Passing it up over personal opinion is just stupid.

          • Then maybe there should be a fair chance for a team to try represent their country. It does not work if rules get changed during the matches.

          • To have a fair chance of being selected for your country you need to make yourself available for selection. To make yourself available for selection you need to be an MSSA member. That rule hasn’t changed.

          • We did take part. It was all about how it was managed.

          • Well every event has its problems. DGL ain’t so squeaky clean either. Best you take Gavin up on his offer so they can out the parties responsible.

          • Well which one is representing South-Africa? MMSA or DGL? And then you ask again, Which one of those 2 are organizing gaming events better?

          • You don’t have to pay the DGL, or even play in it to give valid constructive input that gets taken seriously.

          • entirely agree

          • So you’re saying things like MLG, SMM, ESWC, Kode5, CPL, The International, Dreamhack – those aren’t ‘official’ events because they’re not sanctioned by a government sports body?

            In that case, I think the worlds biggest eSports event is technically probably some MSSA LAN in Poffadder. Which is, in itself, a goddam joke.

            By the same token, does that mean that technically Gabybear (who lost all her matches at IESF) is technically the World #2 Starcraft 2 player because at an ‘official’ event she came second?

            “I’m not saying I like the way it works but it cannot be ignored” – you quite easily can ignore it. You can stop promoting the idea that a match isn’t ‘official’ unless some random stupid government body (who has a history of making retarded decisions) rubber stamps the affair.

          • LagBeast

            I love you, have my beast like babies breh.

      • I was excited to take part in the MSSA as it was my teams first time, we could not wait. The day we took part we were turned off so badly that we do not wish to ever return. There is a difference between an event that is managed badly and one that is managed badly with admins that have NO RESPECT for the player participating. My team was sworn at by the admins managing the event we took part in.

        • Send the details.. I promise we’ll post it.

          We are notoriously independent and have no side in this fight

        • Colin Webster

          @ Johan Heymans. I too find this very interesting! If this is indeed the case, please bring the matter to the attention of the Presidentof the MSSA directly. You can contact Colin Webster on [email protected] There has not been a single complaint about any of the MSSA’s umpires or technical staff in the last six years.

  • People really need to take their heads out of their Asses

    biggest gaming league in South Africa – http://www.dogamingleague.co.za/

    There it is. 4000+ players in one league with about 1/4 of them attending the Do Gaming Championships at the end of the year. IF you cant compete with that amount of players then you don’t deserve to be called the biggest

    • I agree, people do need to take their heads out their ass

  • I have to disagree with this being the biggest event for gaming. I feel this is not even CLOSE to the biggest. The Do Gaming Championships had over 400 players and was one of the most organized events I have participated in. The Do Gaming League have PROVEN that they are better hosts for gaming than any other event organizers out there. The Gaming community prefers the Do Gaming team over the MSSA team.

  • The_Solution

    So I hear this is the biggest tournament in South Africa?


    Whats this then? :O

    • Sir Captain Rincethis

      Is there a reason why you are hating on something that is supposed to be a fun thing for the whole family? Over SEMANTICS? Grow up!

      • The_Solution

        I read and understood the meaning of the article, but I also realized that the headline of the article is hyperbole to the extreme. Go ahead and trivialize it by calling it semantics. But the headline is misleading and misrepresents what the content of the article is all about, it feels deliberately written in a sensationalist manner to attract readers, a practice I personally don’t agree with when it is not factual.

        • Sir Captain Rincethis

          You may have realised this is a gaming site, and not National Geographic. Gavin is well within his rights to say biggest, you do not know to what he is referring to. Perhaps the number of people? The number of competitors? I have not seen you commenting on any GOOD reporting from LG, amazing that when something you perceive as disingenuous comes along you have something to say? No, that smacks of spoilsport behaviour, especially on something meant to be so fun. It is a matter or semantics, and a matter of over-the-top reactions.

          • The_Solution

            Okay, you are correct in stating that this is not National Geographic, digest such as NG and Times try their utmost to bring accurate journalism to the fore. Something I personally believe that all journalism should aspire to.

            And I realize that LG’s general style is a more casual, friendly way of writing which is interesting and promotes writer/reader interaction.

            I accept and understand your stance, but since you’ve told me to grow up and that I’m a spoilsport in the last two posts. I fear this discussion will soon degrade to mudslinging. Something this community (which I am a part of) is prone to doing.

            On another note, I do apologize for this being my first comment and the first time I’ve taken an active interest in this website. The response was disappointing and I’ll be hesitant to express my opinion in the future. I imagine you don’t really care though.

          • Sir Captain Rincethis

            I do care. I only tend to mudsling because so many people on here are ANGRY, which I don’t understand. You opinion is important, but I think on something like this a bit over the top though? It’s like NoxvilleSA above, this is about an event that IS the biggest for a number of reasons that Yolanda pointed out above. Not sure if you saw that? I am a rather active member of this community, so when I only see negative things being contributed by people it does tend to irk my. I do, however, apologise for saying grow up.

          • The_Solution

            Thanks for the apology, I see that you do care a lot.

            While other people flamed for their own reasons. Mine was because sensationalism is a bit of a pet peeve of mine. You don’t want to be around me when Carte Blanche is on, I’m the worst nitpick when it comes to that show.

            But yeah, now that I’ve expressed my opinion I’m a happy camper.

          • Sir Captain Rincethis

            Hehe, we all have em 😉

    • That’s a league, not a tournament 🙂

      Also biggest in terms of offline spectators, money invested and prestige among other things.

      I do like to sensationalize because this is gaming after all and it’s meant to be exciting, especially something like this.

      If one of these angry people does manage to prove that another tournament had more investment over a one day period, or more offline spectators for a single game then great.. but does it really really matter?

      This tournament is a great thing for local eSports so we are going to support it full force.

      All valid complaints about the MSSA and the tournament are being logged though, we are not blind to our real job in the country

  • Johnny D

    Gzuz, a whole article about all the awesome things about the event and the only comments are regarding the title of the article?? There are only a dozen people actually competing so of course they do not mean the biggest in terms of playerbase. It also doesn’t have the largest prize pool ever seen. I can guarantee though it will be the biggest even in terms of audience support we’ve ever seen thought(food, big screens, things for you to do, etc) , something DGL needs to work on. How about instead of bickering over the wording of the title though, get over yourselves and support the gaming community’s sponsors and organizers?

    • LagBeast

      Tired of seeing false reporting its rampant in MSSA and lazygamer. If you going to write articles be sure to make sure what you are writing is accurate. You also have no idea just how much most of us have done for gaming in this country so before you want to flap your gums i suggest you also find out exactly whats going on.

      • I do not believe we are part of the DGL, we are merely gamers supporting the DGL as they know what we want best

        • It took them forever to get there though, MSSA will catch up too. This is at least a step in the right direction.

      • Johnny D

        And here we sit bickering about semantics. They call it hype, and it worked, look how controversial these comments are getting, this garners readership, good for them. At the end of the day, lets support the event, because making tournament organizers and sponsors happy means we have more tournaments and sponsors, which is something we all want.

        • Sir Captain Rincethis

          Thumbs up to you mate.

      • So False reporting is rampant here mr anonymous. Somehow I disagree.

        • LagBeast

          Mr anonymous, im using my nick… you see its that kind of attitude, dont even fact find before you write just straight up in the moment replying nicely done.

          • I was replying via my phone which shows me this is an unregistered account so anyone can post under that username.. make it anonymous.

            I still 100% dispute the false reporting accusation

          • Sir Captain Rincethis

            Gavin mate, don’t bother with these pricks. They have nothing better to do than to turn a very positive thing into a negative shit storm. I honestly cannot believe how this thread has devolved into a ‘controversial’ topic because of retards like Lagbeast and NoxvillaSA want to dispute an adjective.

          • I take all criticism to heart.. .there is nothing worse than a person who won’t listen to what people have to say

          • Sir Captain Rincethis

            I offer a top up of heart 🙂 And really, ignore the haters, they are probable emotionally involved in one of the gamer groups that have not been recognised and so are speaking from passion and not brains.

          • LagBeast

            That is really disappointing, the intention is not to injure or be mean. Yes its gotten heated at certain times. But never once was it directed on a personal level. Yes i disagree with some of the wording, yes i see things differently, yes i even have vastly different opinions but dont think its to personally attack you.

          • What is disappointing? That I don’t ignore criticism? I’m not saying it hurts me or that I take it personally?

            I mean that I don’t believe I am ever 100% correct and will listen to all criticism if put forward in a valid manner.

            I think 60% of the hate targeted at us in this article has a solid base that I am following up.. the rest is angry Internet trolls and trust me I’ve got a ton of experience in dealing with that

      • Sir Captain Rincethis

        If you are tired of it, then go to another site. I hear there are PLENTY on the internet. Hater.

    • The MSSA might have spectators but maybe the DGL has more gamers than the spectators and gamers the MSSA has combined?

      • Some DGL Dota 2 matches have > 700 viewers.

        • At a live venue?

          • This is gaming, not cricket, rugby or soccer. Most spectators will be online.

          • But in this case I believe they referring to expected live crowds.

  • LOL-ly

    I’d be there, but alas, I went outside once, the graphics sucked, so i went back in…

    • Sir Captain Rincethis

      Nice. NICE!

  • Major Commodore 64 Darryn B


  • Wow really? People are going to be this petty?
    This is what “biggest” entails for this particular event –
    This is the biggest venue sponsored for a single game title, i.e StarCraft 2
    This is the biggest event hosted for a single game title
    There will be refreshments catered to the dietary needs of 500 people for free
    The venue is being themed for the game title
    This is the most space allocated for spectators for a single game title
    Then there are the activities offered around the event itself
    Keep in mind it’s an invitational, not an open tournament.
    No one’s taking anything away from the DGL, the DGL is a league, not a tournament. And we all love and support it. Now hush and be awesome instead 😛

    • I’m sure anybody can make arbitrary restrictions to try re-define commonly accepted and understood words Yolanda.

      I will give you an example:

      “Nelson Mandela died today”, and by “died” we mean “woke up with a sore throat”.

      • It’s how I see the event Nox, as some one that loves gaming and has loved the community for a long time. I don’t see why a word had to be pulled out of proportion :S So maybe the headline could have been better off if it were different, but why just focus on that?

        • I love gaming and the community, that doesn’t mean I should write articles with completely misleading headlines or facts.

          The focus on the headline is because it’s so blatantly false yet it was published. This is no different to the way articles surrounding the MSSA and their associated events/players/results are often ‘spruced up’ or intentionally misleading.

          • The headline isn’t false. It can be read many ways… it’s the biggest tournament happening tomorrow 🙂

            The reality is that we are pushing hard to make eSports a serious thing in South Africa and will fully support officially sanctioned events which are hosting official test matches just as much as we support community events and the massive DGL.

            I honestly see a future where the DGL becomes officially sanctioned and it is something I’m going to be taking up with Colin. And no I don’t expect you all to bow down to some of the MSSA’s stupid rules. The rules need to change for the betterment of sport.

            The idea of harassing the media to try and get a point across is stupid and futile. We’re in this together whether anyone likes it or not

      • Sir Captain Rincethis

        You are one angry, sad motha fucker, you know that? Why not go to News24 and flame where people give a shit. Hyping something up is NOT a crime, and only goes to showing the enthusiasm by the writer. Jackass.

        • Hyping is perfectly fine. I have no issue with “hyping”, but hyping is really just intense promotion (and possibly exaggerating the significance). It doesn’t extend to blatant lies.

          Also, in the wise words of Aristotle, “go eat a dick faggot”.

          • Sir Captain Rincethis

            Wow, so you are also homophobic. Way to go playing your cards there. You are indeed, a sad, angry little person.

          • LagBeast

            You attacked him first…. then surprised when he retorts. LOLOLOL

          • Sir Captain Rincethis

            As a matter of fact, he attacked about 15 people first, and I am pretty sure in my response my attack was at him, not the general gay public at large. A rather blisteringly large difference.

          • So you say the public is gay?

          • Sir Captain Rincethis

            Eh? No, he called me a faggot, as a swear word, a negative, as in, if I were gay, I would be less than someone who is straight….

          • LagBeast

            That’s your own interpretation of the word faggot. Subjective to your own opinion. If that’s what you want to take away from that then that is your own doing.

          • Sir Captain Rincethis

            Please use a dictionary, you obviously do not know much about the English language. I shall desist from feeding your wanton need for attention need now, I only like mentally sparring with equals or above.

          • LagBeast


          • Geno
          • Only an idiot would believe that is what the word was used in reference off. Homophobia stops now else I will ban. Open discussion is not only accepted but also desired. Racism, homophobia and blatant personal attacks however are not allowed

          • SkankyMuppet

            I think he meant it more like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faggot_(slang)

          • Whats a dictionary?

          • So you just taking it upon yourself to defend others honour ! Such a knight in shining tin foil.

          • Sir Captain Rincethis

            Stop logging in with different emails, you look pathetic.

          • LagBeast

            Its the same person not changing anything i’ve used [email protected] every single time i have posted.

          • You and your friends really are making your cause look bad… Please be civil and discuss your disagreements like grown ups.

          • LagBeast

            “making your cause look bad…” There is no cause just differing opinions. I speak for myself only.

          • OVG

            What did i MISS 😛

          • Sir Captain Rincethis

            Hahaha! Oh, you shit stirir you 😉

          • OVG

            Where da TROLL?

          • Oi! Resident gay speaking. I don’t like your use of “faggot” in any way or form. Address your issues in a civil manner, don’t throw around derogatory terms.

          • Sir Captain Rincethis

            Indeed sir! I was waiting for you, though I thought held the fort just long enough till the spear severed something that was important!

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tournament
      “One or more competitions held at a single venue and concentrated into a relatively short time interval.”
      So what is the Do Gaming Championships?

      • Sure the do gaming champs are big, more gamers. But I’m really just referring to one game title instead of collective game tiles. When last was a big live event like this hosted for StarCraft 2 only? And again, this is an invitational tournament, not the finals to a league. And really just, i’m not taking away from DGL, not picking sides, just happy we have something like this happening, disregarding all the other bs like being official or not. It’s gaming, I don’t care much for politics.

        • Maybe then the topic would have been better if it said “What does a big gaming tournament in sa look like?” instead of “Biggest”

          • Yeah maybe 🙂 four letters shouldn’t kick up such a storm though 😛

          • Four letters is the different between “MSSA” and “good”.

          • Don’t let those four letters kick up a storm!

  • Stoked about this! See you guys tomorrow morning.

  • Ok…I only read the whole thread now… Wow, a lot of unhappy people with good points (and sometimes irrelevant ones) made throughout. Just a suggestion on the MSSA thing. Seeing that we are all gamers and we want to grow the industry, why do we not get our clan / industry leaders to meet with the MSSA and pave the way forward that works for everyone? I am very keen to help this (e-Sports) grow in the country although we will have to approach it with the knowledge that every person will not get their way. Please don’t hate / troll on this comment but rather give some ideas of how we can better work together or even change the way we work with the MSSA. At the core, I think there is a really good idea there, maybe we just need to sort out the details? Please share your thoughts.

    • Sir Captain Rincethis

      Nice to have someone offer constructive feedback and not just go for the “shoot from the hip” routine. I am pleased to see this event happen, whether it be through the MSSA or not. Other countries have an official overseer much like any sport, why not games? We moan we are not taken seriously, then moan when we are! Just make sure that the people doing the ‘seeing’ are not as corrupt as other areas of government!

    • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

      I couldn’t agree more. This is really how the discussion should have gone. If you’re in a competitive clan or keen to get into e-sport, yet on the outside of the sanctioned body, the onus is really on you to get noticed, or to plead your case, or to even approach them to see what your options are. Instead of crying and moaning about what essentially amounts to comparing competitive/gaming league dick length.

      Maybe I don’t understand the emotions involved or whether folks are emotionally tied to certain groups, but all of this bickering is very unnecessary.

  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    Veni vidi lego! I came, I saw I read… I’m not into the competitive scene, but even I have to admit this sounds like an awesome way to spend a weekend.

    So… why exactly are folks losing their cool in the comment box? I have to echo Gav on this one, it’s the biggest official or sanctioned tournament. That shouldn’t detract from other events, nor should it cause this sort of a reaction. I think this is the first time I have to shake my head in disappointment at some of the commentators.

    • Sir Captain Rincethis

      No clue mate. Just don’t want to stand for it as it’s been an awesome week for the staff at LG and this really riles me up.

    • Full agreement. I’m very disappointed in the section of the community who think they represent everyone’s opinion… real life is knocking hard I think

      • LagBeast

        Just to be clear at no stage do i speak for anyone else but myself. Just because the views we have are not the same as yours does not mean they are any less correct.

        • Agreed, but at the same time it doesn’t make them any more correct…

  • Dammit people… I leave one comment this morning saying I’ll see you all there, then I leave to go do my daily routine and I come back to this?! I can’t believe people are being so pedantic over something so ridiculous. Good lord, go back to your mothers basement and ask for some more meatloaf.

    • OVG

      Its not a basement, its a control center. :p

      • Thats what she said! OOOOOOOOOOH!

        Wait… nvmd that made no sense :'(

  • I know that I’m a little late to the party here, seems like you all had fun shouting and cursing… as one of the organisers of this event I’d like to just point out some things that I’ve noticed in the thread.

    1. This is not a MSSA run event, MSSA are involved in a single test match between Romania and South Africa

    2. We termed this as the biggest gaming event in view of attendance by non-athletes, people coming to watch professional gamers compete much like how you’d see at a traditional sports match.

    3. Regardless of where you stand why are we arguing about this? We’re creating an event for the community to attend, socialise and meet new faces to game with. We’re not here to say we’re better than anyone cause without you the community this event wouldn’t happen. It’s the biggest cause our RSVP’s are over 400+ people attending that aren’t there to play but to support.

    4. Have you seen my grumpy cat impersonation?

    It really makes me sad when we go to such efforts to bring something of this calibre to the gamers only to have it slandered. I’m at the event now and I think we’re really go to blow people out of the water with what we’ve accomplished.

    I hope that you will all make it and we’ll get a chance to shake hands have a beer and chat about good gaming moments.

    Happy gaming to you all! 🙂

  • OVG

    I think people take TV games far to seriously 🙁


      • OVG

        Nope, you just have to wiggle the cartridge a little more :p

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