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What game had the most annoying ending? (Spoilers)

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Warning this post and the comments section are going to be chock full of spoilers, so if you haven’t finished Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy 10 or Halo Reach then you may want to ignore this post entirely.

So let’s start with the most recent one, Call of Duty: Ghosts, where at the end you shoot Rorke point-blank in the chest with a hand cannon and then barely make it out of the ocean alive. Then he just wanders up to you from the side and kicks you in the face before dragging you away.

Yes I realise they are setting you up for the sequels where you are now being tortured in the jungle but there is literally no way that guy could have survived that shot and then made it out of the water in the first place. Never mind that he is then strong enough to totally overpower you since he’s more injured than you are.

Mass Effect on the other hand had such an awful ending that the developers felt inclined to release a brand new ending more suitable to the series. After which the community was then split between which of the endings was actually the better one. Then you get the magical dream endings where you’ve played a game for hours and hours only to find out that it was all apparently a dream. Such a cop out by the story writers.

In fact most videogame endings are pretty poor but some of them really do get it spot on. For me right now the very best ending I can ever remember is for Halo Reach where you are stranded on the planet, left to fight off the oncoming horde in an impossible attempt to stay alive.. I loved that.

So tell us below which games had the absolutely worst endings and which had the best? And you don’t need to warn anyone about spoilers since this entire article is a spoiler.

Oh and who can forget the Portal ending song… so so good

Last Updated: December 2, 2013

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