What Gran Turismo 6 may look like

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A video (and some still renders) made by a company called “Proper Graphics” of a Koenigsegg XXC that was built within Polyphony Digital’s polygon and texture specifications seems to have some people thinking that it is in fact a look at what Gran Turismo 5 is actually going to look like.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble but it won’t. This video does give a good indication of what the “PS4” or “Xbox 720” may be able to handle but for now there is just no possible way, so I don’t even know how people allow themselves to get excited.

The full video and more, after the jump.

Take into account that the level of quality and detail in this video needed to probably be rendered over a couple of days (if not more) on a powerful machine. Now throw in an entire grid’s worth of other vehicles as well as a full blown race circuit for them to drive on and you quickly realise just how much power will actually be needed to render all of that prettiness at 6o frames per second.

The level of graphics seen in gaming these days is pretty astounding and true life-like visuals are in the near future but our current systems aren’t quite there yet. It truly makes you wonder what monsters are going to need to sit under the bonnet of the next generation of gaming systems to actually kick out visuals like these.

source: GTplanet

Last Updated: January 19, 2009

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