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What happened to Gameplay.co.za?

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Firstly I offer my apologies to Jacques Pienaar and and Lana from SterKinekor Games, I said I would post about this a while back and for some reason it just never happened. My bad…

To the point, Jacques (aka evilredzombie) noticed a while back that the old PS site www.gameplay.co.za has been shutdown but if you go to www.playstation.co.za it takes you to the official South African PlayStation site, but then if you click on registration on the top bar it takes you back to www.gameplay.co.za to register. Which is obviously confusing (and Lana said she would get the IT guys to take a look at that).

He was also upset about the UK PSN store having more to offer than the local SA version.

Lets tackle the second problem first as it is easier, apparently the local PSN store has the same amount of games and updates as the UK store. Sometimes we are slightly behind on release dates but that is nothing new to SA and is normally out of our control. I have never compared the two stores so I couldn’t say for sure that they are 100% identical but according to SK they are.

So onto the first question, why has www.gameplay.co.za been closed down? Well it was down to a conflict of names with www.gameplay.com (www.gameplay.co.uk), nothing sinister there. Just business.

However SK are aware of the community and are doing their best to interact with the community. Gameplay has been replaced by a much nicer site which you can find at www.playthezone.co.za, where you can find all the latest PlayStation specific marketing news.

SterKinekor have also kindly agreed to supply Lazygamer.co.za with more PS3, PS2 and PSP titles to review, so hopefully the PlayStation brand will start getting some more positive attention in the near future. I am also now finally receiving their press releases and I will be updating the site with all the parts that I think you would be interested in.

Lana doesn’t know it yet but we are also going to be hounding SK for some PlayStation specific prizes as well since the Xbox 360 fans have been living it up recently and we obviously want everyone to be in the running to win things.

A big thanks to Jacques for noticing this and making enough noise in the community. One of the main points of this site in particular was to ensure that we stop getting short changed in SA and any help in this regard is always highly appreciated.

Playstation 3 news for S.A – Open letter to ster kinekor for SA playstation site

Last Updated: March 14, 2008


  1. Evilredzombie

    March 14, 2008 at 12:55

    Thanks @lazy…hopefully you send soem of those ps3 games my way to review ….


  2. emmanuel

    May 28, 2008 at 18:00

    i want to order for a psp


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