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What score will MGS 4 end up with?

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Metal Gears Solid 4

So the first reviews are flowing in for MGS4 and so far they have mostly been great 98+, however things seem to be changing.

This is yet another one of those occasions where the publications with the higher scores seemed to be released first and then the others follow. Over the past few days there have been two major publications (EDGE & Eurogamer) have both come out and given MGS 4 a 8/10.

For a title as large as this that is a huge blow and quite the opposite of everyone else. The lowest score GTA IV got from major publications was 8.7/10 from Gamernode.

I do have a feeling that we are going to start seeing some really bad reviews coming out for this game, so far I am yet to see a review which mentions the AI which was one of my biggest worries…

Should anyone really care what reviews it gets though? MGS has always been a divisive game and if you are a MGS fan you will love it, if you are not then the 90 minute cut scenes are going to make you want to shoot yourself…

Could a game like this ever truly deserve anything over 90% then?

Last Updated: June 2, 2008

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