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What the kids say about GTA

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It’s been a short while since the release of GTA IV so I decided that it was time to go visit whattheyplay.com to go and see what information they had about the games effect on children.

They didn’t disappoint. On the home page I found a link to an article titled “Why Do Young Teens Like Grand Theft Auto?” explaining how they sat down with a couple of teens under the games age restriction to see why they want to get their hands on it.

We usually expect articles like this to drag on about how games like these are destroying childrens lives and converting them into blood-thirsty homicidal maniacs. But the response from the under 17’s was quite unexpected. Most of the children give very level headed responses and reactions to the questions, discussing how they are looking forward to doing things in the game that they would never be able, or even want to attempt in real life.

They have a couple of other interesting articles regarding GTA as well, take a look, they’re pretty interesting.

article: whattheyplay.com

Last Updated: May 5, 2008

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