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What’re You Buyin’?

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It’s a new(ish) month! that means there’s a whole bunch of new games being released – and this month there are some biggies. The most anticipated of this month’s releases is no doubt StarCraft II : Wings of Liberty, the sequel to the world’s most popular RTS – and is expected to have gamers Zerg-rushing retail stores. StarCraft II will be available nationally on 27 July.

The other big release this month is coming just a little sooner – this Friday in fact. Also a sequel, this time to open-world crime (and freak) fighting, orb collecting Crackdown. I’m not much of a pack-rat, but there’s something ridiculously addictive about Crackdown’s orb-hunting.

Those are the two games that’ll be eating my fiscal cabbage. What games will be jostling for your hard-earned cash this month? let us know in the comments!

Last Updated: July 5, 2010

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