What’s your best bargain bin game?

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I like my games to be the same as my garden hosepipe. Cheap and kinky.

It’s 1999. I’m walking around with friends in a shopping center that is rather dodgy, and most likely has dead bodies buried underneath it, when I spot something out of the corner of my eye. It’s a video game, based on a dying genre, brand new, in its wrapping. And it’s only ten Rand!

It shall be mine!

That game, was Wing Commander: Prophecy. A space-flight fighter of note, it was one of the final games in that franchise, as it wrapped up the series with an invasion to end all invasions.

And sweet Christmas, did I love the way that PC Games were shipped back then. You know what I’m talking aout. Big, bulky box, massive manuals, maps and other physical extras, items that we pay extra for now.

I spent many an hour on that game, easily justifying the price tag, as I used my favourite Panther Interceptor space-fighter jet to help out Luke Skywalker as we fought off waves of Nephilim. I’ve still got the game, nestled away safely with several others, but it truly is one of the very best bargain bin titles that I ever picked up.


So tell us, what’s the best game that you’ve acquired, for a ridiculously low sum?


Last Updated: May 29, 2012

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