Which Console are Japanese Gamers Most Satisfied With?

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bigginJapan In the latest issues of Famitsu – Japan’s premier gaming magazine – they published their result on a survey they ran polling gamer’s satisfaction with each of the current consoles and handhelds.

There were five possible responses to each category: very satisfied, satisfied, indifferent, unsatisfied and very unsatisfied. Each was accordingly assigned a satisfaction score out of 5.

Which gaming platform most satisfied Japanese gamers?

The results may surprise you.

Nintendo DS
377 replies
• Don’t have a Nintendo DS: 15.1 percent
• Very dissatisfied: 7.4 percent
• Somewhat dissatisfied: 14.1 percent
• Indifferent: 21.8 percent
• Satisfied: 22.5 percent
• Very satisfied: 19.1 percent
Composite Satisfaction Score: 3.4

376 replies
• Don’t have a Wii: 43.3 percent
• Very Dissatisfied: 4.3 percent
• Somewhat dissatisfied: 13.3 percent
• Indifferent: 12.5 percent
• Satisfied: 18.4 percent
• Very satisfied: 8.2 percent
Composite Satisfaction Score: 3.2

387 replies
• Don’t have a PSP: 15.5 percent
• Very Dissatisfied: 4.1 percent
• Somewhat dissatisfied: 5.6 percent
• Indifferent: 11.4 percent
• Satisfied: 46.3 percent
• Very satisfied: 17.1 percent
Composite Satisfied Score: 3.8

361 replies
• Don’t have a PS3: 41.6 percent
• Very Dissatisfied: 5.3 percent
• Somewhat dissatisfied: 7.6 percent
• Indifferent: 6.2 percent
• Satisfied: 22.7 percent
• Very satisfied: 16.6 percent
Composite Satisfied Score: 3.6


Xbox 360
370 replies
• Don’t have an Xbox 360: 53.5 percent
• Very Dissatisfied: 1.4 percent
• Somewhat dissatisfied: 4.3 percent
• Indifferent: 0.8 percent
• Satisfied: 16.2 percent
• Very satisfied: 23.8 percent
Composite Satisfied Score: 4.2

Yes, pick your jaws up off the floor – The Xbox 360 is the most satisfying console in Japan. Satisfied users praised Xbox Live’s network features and the varied library of foreign games – while those who don’t own a 360 afraid to get one over hardware issue concerns.

Of course, this poll was run by Famitsu – and thus represents core gamers, and isn’t indicative of general consumer sentiment. How could it be? They’ve polled all 370 Japanese Xbox owners.

Source : Popgo.net (via N4G)

Last Updated: March 23, 2009

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