Which controller has the best battery life?

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Here is a nice unimportant article for a Friday…

Gamepro.com has been testing the three wireless controllers to find out which one has the best battery life. As you can see from the graph above the 360 rules the roost on this one with an average battery life of 56 hours while the PS3 trails the pack with an average life of only 18 hours.

However you need to remember that all PS3 controllers can just be re-charged with a USB cable while the 360 uses disposable batteries. When upgrading your 360 controller to a rechargable battery the life span starts to decrease.

The Wii sits happily in the middle however you do have the ability to turn of rumble and audio which will substantially increase the battery life..

So there you go something for each corner to shout about…

Which controller has the best battery life? Feature on GamePro.com

Last Updated: February 1, 2008

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