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Which path will you take (Skyrim vs MW3)

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Today sees the launch of the biggest selling shooter in gaming history (MW3) and then on Friday we see the launch of the most anticipated (and massive traffic driver) RPG of the year in Skyrim.

So a popular question doing the rounds on Reddit at the moment is which path will you take.

Both games are designed to suck every last gaming minute out of your body so it’s virtually impossible to play both properly. So which path will you take.

Are you going to save the planet from terrorists or dragons. Or are you ignoring both?


Personally I’m far more excited about Modern Warfare 3, I don’t have the gaming time to really dedicate to Skyrim and MW3 is an easy drop in / drop out sort of game. Yeah I won’t be good enough to hold my own after a while because everyone’s going to rank up so quickly but it’s still good fun.

Answers on a post card or in the comments please.

[Picture courtesy of Reddit user ZuluMonkey]

Last Updated: November 8, 2011

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