Who brings in the money for EA Games?

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Here is something that I found very suprising.

For the three months leading up to September EA Games platform sales came in at an exceptionally healthy $435 million.

In their latest financial papers EA Games has broken this figure down by platform and the results are interesting…

Xbox 360 – $218 million
PlayStation 2 – $73 million
Nintendo Wii – $59 million
Nintendo DS – $47 million
PlayStation Portable – $21 million
PlayStation 3 – $17 million

The Xbox 360 accounts for 51% of all console title sales for EA Games, so the next time someone asks why they are developing for the Xbox 360 and porting over to the other platforms remind them of this.

Lets not even start with those PlayStation 3 numbers….

Electronic Arts: EA Sales Broken Down By Platform, Retailer

[Thanks again to Doobiwan for the tip]

Last Updated: November 8, 2007

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