Who else wants a great cricket game?

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I’m a huge cricket fan; not the test match purist cricket mind you… that bores me to tears But the one-day matches between South Africa and England or Australia really get the blood going and some of the best Saturday afternoons spent with mates has been around the TV over a one-day cricket game.

Unfortunately most cricket games that have been made so far have fallen far short of the mark and we are still waiting for the FIFA of Cricket games to be revealed –  but I think we are still a long way from that. However, we may have a glimmer of hope that a real cricket title may in fact be coming as one is being created by a software team based right here in South Africa.

Now before you go further let me warn warn you..  the graphics have not yet been done so they are horrible.. trust me. Don’t judge this by how it looks but rather take a look at how the physics, reactions and base ideas work.

Hey I warned you.. it looks awful.

But the game is so much deeper than you can see from the near pornographic images above.

The game has been developed in conjunction with cricket fans from the PlanetCricket forums. Each player has 10 different abilities, each with a different ranking, allowing truly individual statistics and abilities. A full simulation mode that can be used to run your very own fantasy leagues, online leader boards and in-depth game modes.

The game’s not ready for the big time yet (obviously!) but if you think it, and our local developers, deserve a chance at making something special then why not go help them reach their goal of R60 000 to be used to add some better looking graphics to the title?

Personally I think they need at least 10 times that amount but if they can polish it just a little more they may be able to convince a publisher to lend their skills to this game and help release a game that us cricket fans have been waiting for. You can read more about their title on their official website here and I for one hope this game doesn’t end up in beta hell like other local titles. Get the thing out and then start your next project. Only Google is allowed to keep things in beta forever.

Last Updated: June 26, 2013

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