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Who’s the next big threat in Destiny 2? We break down the likely suspects

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Destiny 2 art (9)

God-kings deposed, Red Legions left burning and ancient machines reduced to scrap parts. If you happen to have a look at the score sheet in Destiny, the Guardians are cleaning up pretty nicely with each main event tossed at them, resulting in their dominance within the universe once again rising. It’s a new age of heroes, but one that will always have new threats knocking on our cosmic door.

So who’s the next big threat? That’s a question worth exploring, and breaking down. Needless to say, there are some major spoilers below in case you haven’t completed Destiny 2. Seriously, this is your only Light Level 305 warning.

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The Hive and the Taken

Destiny 2 art (6)

Hate to say I told you so, but the Hive has seen better days. Throughout Destiny 1’s lore, the Hive were painted as an unstoppable threat. A dangerous army born of darkness, that had been responsible for extinguishing the Light of many Guardians, their greatest single victory coming from the God-Knight Crota and the battle to reclaim Earth’s Moon.

In an event that would simply be known as The Great Disaster, Crota and his forces killed hundreds of Guardians in the battle of Mare Imbrium. Around the time of Destiny 1 however, things would change. The Guardians would rise again, eventually repelling an early Hive invasion of Earth and finishing the fight started so many centuries ago.

Destiny art 2 (3)

Crota would be slain by his own blade within his Ascendant Realm, his soul shattered and forever broken. The Hive would lose not only a god, but also their God-King Oryx in the ensuing months to come. The Taken King brought his fleet to Earth, the Taken War raged on and Oryx would meet his end in a similar fashion to his son, as he was dealt a final blow within his own Ascendant Realm and his corpse was left to rot amongst the rings of Saturn.

The king was dead…but the queen may yet live on. The Witch-Queen herself has resurfaced, with her Hive forces having overrun the rigs of Titan as players found out in Destiny 2. Further reports indicate that the Taken remnants on Io are in the process of being reclaimed by Savathûn, as she may have taken Oryx’s power for herself. Ironic, really. With entities such as Elatiox, Erosus and Ir Arok all linked to the Quria Vex mind which waged war on the Hive, Savathûn’s power could be uncontested if she succeeds in adding the deadly computations to the remnants of the Hive and Taken.

The Cabal

Destiny 2 art (2)

It’s highly likely that the Cabal won’t pose much of a threat for quite some time. While the Exclusion Zone on Mars and its moon Phobos resulted in a blockade of the outer solar system, events in Destiny 1 saw that barrier broken. Guardians punched a sizable hole in those defenses, while the arrival of Oryx and the Taken War quickly saw the Cabal Sand Eater, Blind Legion and Dust Giant regiments suffer catastrophic losses within mere hours.

Their forces decimated, the Cabal would eventually stage a last-ditch attempt to strike at the heart of the Taken within Oryx’s Dreadnought ship and send a distress call in the process for reinforcements. Reinforcements, that arrived in the form of the Red Legion. Led by Dominus Ghaul, the Cabal began the infamous Red War, surprising the Guardians with a sudden onslaught and successfully stealing their Light in the process.

Destiny 2 art (5)

While many Guardians would die without the gifts of the Traveller or their Ghosts, a single hero would rise and hand the Red Legion their only loss in recorded history. In a last ditch effort, Dominus Ghaul would be struck down by the very Guardian he tossed aside like garbage, his newly-empowered spirit scattered to the cosmic winds as the Traveller awoke for the first time in centuries.

Destiny 2 art (3)

Losing the mighty Red legion army and the Almighty super-weapon was damaging enough to the Cabal, but the worst was yet to come. Arriving in our solar system in the massive Leviathan ship, the deposed Emperor Calus sought to reclaim his forces and kingdom. Foolishly inviting the Guardians to test their mettle against his Loyalist Regime, Calus would fall before he could reveal the “real truth” of the universe and the Traveller.

Leaderless and divided, the Cabal are now no longer the mighty threat that they once were as Guardians continue operations to mop up any remaining troops in our solar system.

The Fallen

Destiny art 2 (8)

Much like the Cabal and the Hive, the Fallen have also found themselves outmatched by Guardians. More a guerrilla force of scavengers, the Fallen House of Wolves and their leader Skolas picked the wrong fight, leading to the demise of that house and leaving the other Fallen factions once again pursuing an un-united purpose across our planets. The resurgence of SIVA in the Rise of Iron didn’t last for long amongst the House of Devils, as those Fallen eventually succumbed to the virus and many thousands of Guardian bullets.

Curiously, the next big threat within the Fallen may come from a faction that was originally allied to The Last City and the Awoken. The fealty sworn to the Awoken queen Mara Sov may have been a smokescreen, as House Judgement banners have been found in the European Dead Zone. Those banners have also seen many Judgement Fallen aggressively pursue any Guardians entering their so-called territory, with the scavengers going so far as to infest other offworld planets.

Destiny art 2 (7)

House master Variks may be to blame here, as his command of the Crows may have resulted in finally uncovering the one Fallen figure who could unite all the divided houses: The legendary Kell of Kells himself.

The Vex

Destiny 2 art (7)

The Vex have been quiet recently, what with numerous losses in the new age of Guardians. With Vex Axis minds destroyed, the black heart of the Darkness vanquished and the Vault of Glass conquered, the Vex had to retreat and recalculate as the Taken and Red Wars saw new conflicts erupt. Unprepared for the Taken, the Vex began to wake older machines from slumber and prepare to fend off the Red Legion, as that Cabal detachment destroyed the Black Garden on Mars.

Destiny art 2 (9)

With losses mounting on all sides, the Vex have regrouped on Mercury, surfing the timestream for a simulation which guarantees their dominance. They may have found just the right outcome for the future, as the Vanguard race to find the one heretic capable of fighting back against a foe which has already seen their victory set in the stones of the future: Osiris.

The Unknown

Destiny art 2 (2)

Beyond the fringes of our galaxy, lies another dormant threat. Awakened by the light-pulse of the Traveller, this unknown race was actually first glimpsed in concept art for Destiny 1:

Destiny art 2 (1) (2)

Destiny art 2 (1)

The fleet that rests outside of the Milky Way is now on a course for Earth, it’s jet-black and monolithic ships revealing little of this potential new threat or its supposed connection to the fabled Darkness.

Destiny art 2 (6)

Last Updated: November 6, 2017


  1. Ottokie

    November 6, 2017 at 15:18

    I don’t mind who is the next bad guy. As long as Cayde and his chicken are there o/


  2. Kromas Ryder

    November 6, 2017 at 16:05

    You are wrong. The next big threat is Anthem. 😛


  3. Grimsupanoob

    November 7, 2017 at 06:28

    You got the cabal one completely wrong. Callus invited you to test your mettle to see if you can assist him in reclaiming the throne.

    Why else would there be a cabal vendor in the tower, also as you know it was not the real callus you fought, mereley a robo copy.


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