Why Can I Only Have 100 Friends?

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100 friend limit?

Okay this has bugged me for a while now, why won’t Microsoft increase the friends limit from the 100 maximum that they released with?

Well  Aaron Greenberg has been speaking to 1UP and this same question was raised. While say that they want to do this he also mentions that it is a lot more complicated than anyone ever realised. One of the biggest problems would be the following.

There’s some interdependences. Some things like original Xbox games have friends lists hard coded in, so there’s things we gotta work through, but we’ll get it figured out, it’s something we want to do

And since Microsoft are now pushing the downloadable original Xbox games this becomes more of an issue.

I know my list is currently sitting at 98 and since the community has gotten so big all of those people play regularly. So regularly infact that I delete anyone who hasn’t played in 7 days 😉

XBL WTF: Why Can I Only Have 100 Friends? news from 1UP.com

Last Updated: December 11, 2007

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