Why can Sony not stop bending the facts?

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I wrote about Howard Stringer claiming that Sony sold 100 000 units in a week in the US a few days ago (View) and now Bloomberg are saying that they did in fact sell 100 000 units but that includes PS3, PS2 and PSP?

So yes Howard did not lie but he does appear to have been fudging it a bit.

When is Sony going to realise that people really appreciate being given honest and uncomplicated facts. Saying that you sold 60k or 70k PS3’s is great news for Sony. However now it just looks dodgy once again.

I really think they should hire a new PR firm to sort out their dealings with the media… Bad Sony…

Oh and before anyone says it, yes if I had read the original press release better I would have noticed this before, however that is not the point. The point is that Sony need to be more direct and honest with the people out there.

Bloomberg.com: Japan

Last Updated: November 16, 2007

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