Why can't we and our European friends have live?

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A while back I reported about the Polish Xbox Live petition that was a little to similar to our own to be a coincidence. Well Robert Szkop, the guy who put it up, actually responded to me very shortly after that to apologise for the plagiarism and offer assure us that there was no harm meant in it. Which I was meant to post about but never did… Bad form on my part.. anyway

It’s more like a compliment, Poland copying us, than anything. He also mentioned the fact that Greece has also got a petition going for Xbox live, so why is it that we are all begging for Xbox Live. Why can Microsoft not just allow us to sign up using our local addresses?

Granted I understand that putting in the servers is an expensive task and supporting Live also has some costs however for a phase 1 why can we not just be allowed to sign up with South Africa as our locale?

We don’t need local servers in the beginning, all we want is to be able to sign up legally, pay with our local credit cards and not be restricted by Germany’s strict censorship.

I see no reason why this cannot be done easily and with very little cost to Microsoft. Xbox Live is an integral part of the Xbox 360 experience and it is shameful that we are not supported. Especially since the PS3 was released with local PSN support from the beginning.

What we and I am sure our European friends want is the following

1. The ability to select our home country when registering
2. The ability to purchase points in our local currency
3. To be recognised as a country in our own right and not to be restricted by other countries

I have sent an email to the local Microsoft guys asking for some comments and specifically reasons why we cannot have these 3 simple things. Lets see what happens. I am bored of the generic answers now.

Greece: http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/xboxliveingreece/index.html
Poland: http://www.petitiononline.com/plxbl/petition.html
South Africa:

Last Updated: October 29, 2007

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