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Why do gamers need games on release date?

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As a games reviewer, I get a lot of games. I wouldn’t necessarily call them “free,” because we’re obliged to review them – but here’s the thing; I still end up pre-ordering and buying  a ton of games.

Mostly, it’s to make sure I get the game on release date. We often get review games later than we should, sometimes even after release. This won’t do…I, like many gamers I know, need to get games on the very day they become available.

Even though I’m so, so incredibly guilty of it, I don’t understand it. Is it because of some odd compulsion – a need to fit in with other gamers, so we have something to talk about when we’re standing around office water coolers, braais or online forums? With the barrage of media focus on games and their release dates, are we all just buying in to the marketing, like sheep? Is it just more fun to play a game when it’s brand new? Is it an addiction?

Is it because we feel the need to get a head-start on the multiplayer? Would a day or two really make a difference? Is it just human nature, that we need to experience things as soon as those experiences are available? Hell, I know guys who’ve gone through the trouble of importing games just because the local release date’s a few days later than it should be.

Maybe we gamers have such short attention spans that in two months time, we won’t even remember the games we want to play? I really don’t know – but what I do know id that I’ve got a big stack of games I haven’t played, and I keep buying more.I know many of you pre-order games and get pissy when they’re not available, or not delivered on release date. I do too.


Last Updated: February 9, 2012

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