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Why I'm Not Playing Modern Warfare 2

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Something that only really hit me this week, is the fact that I haven’t bothered to put my Modern Warfare 2 disc into my console at any point in this fine year of 2010.

You see, the last time I played Modern Warfare 2 was right before I left for my vacation in December, which also happened to be around the same time that the infamous javelin glitch was doing the rounds.

While I was gone, they got it sorted and although I haven’t purposefully avoided the game, I really couldn’t care to play it again any time soon.

Here’s why.

Firstly, balance.

Never in my life have I seen a game that has suffered from such unbalanced gameplay. Sure, Infinity Ward meant well when they decided to add a ton of new features, weapons, kill-streaks and so on but the truth is that in the end some very ugly combinations have popped up.

I can truthfully say that I have never in my life seen a games balance get this out of control before. Usually there is a hiccup here and there but it’s nothing major.

Games are supposed to be competitive but fun yet it seems like everyone is just jumping onto the latest “L33t haXXor” class setups so that they can get a kajillion kills and be proud of themselves when they go to sleep at night.

Second issue is most definitely the glitches.

Since I was exposed to the javelin glitch, things really took off. In the time that I haven’t been playing it feels like I hear about new glitches every week. Ammo glitches, flying glitches and now some new kid on the block that can screw with other peoples stats. Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer is in some serious hell at the moment and Infinity Ward seem to be scrambling to chase glitch after glitch.

The really scary thing is that in most cases, you could just tell me to stop sucking or “join ’em” or something but I’m not even playing the game. I have people constantly telling me about issues, glitches and people exploiting the game to the point where it sounds crazy to want to actually play the game again.

At the end of the day I know that Modern Warfare 2 is a really good showing from Infinity Ward and their multilplayer experiences are in a league of their own, but they really, seriously need to start sorting the game out.

They need to do whatever it takes. Bring in a massive patch, rebalance everything and if possible, prevent further exploits from happening. I feel sorry for Infinity Ward, I really do. The guys are working hard to create great games but it’s the gamers who are constantly on the lookout for the latest exploit or cheap tactic to score a neat kill/death ratio.

I want to play the game again, it’s fun, but with news like this circulating every day and people constantly complaining about what other players are doing that annoys them, I’d rather play something else, something that won’t involve me swearing out of frustration at my TV when yet another nuke goes off because some morons are boosting each others kills.

I thought that I would get this off my chest after seeing yet another article about issues, patches and glitches but I want to hear it from all the Modern Warfare 2 players out there. Is the game out of control? Are your experiences actually fun and quite normal or are you getting sick and tired of all the issues surrounding the game?

Leave your comments below and let us know your thoughts.

Last Updated: January 20, 2010

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