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Why is Lazygamer.net looking so different?

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Shiny and New

If this is your first time visiting us then this isn’t for you, this is for our regular readers who may now be cowering in the corner as everything is different and different is scary.

Yes we’ve redesigned, or to be more accurate we are redesigning. I hate redesigns, they make me grumpy and seeing that I have little to no design ability they make me realise I’m utterly useless and some things in life.

But it had to be done, our old 3 panel setup was limiting us somewhat and the site was starting to seriously show its age.

Like I said though, this isn’t a complete redesign as certain things aren’t yet doing what I want and other things aren’t quite right.

And so this is where I need your help, if you see something you hate, love, despise, cherish then please leave a comment below. Oh on that, yes the comments have changed as well so check all the new options for your Disqus account and give it a bash.

Other than that it’s all the same content we had before and if you go back you’ll even notice we haven’t changed anything at all so all the images and video’s are now too small. What can we say, we’re lazy.

My favourite new thing is the listing of the latest 4 stories on top of the single article view, I don’t really know why but that just works for me.

Last Updated: May 28, 2012

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