Why it took so long to announce Mirror’s Edge

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At E3 this year, EA announced a new Mirror’s Edge game, and there was much rejoicing. even though the first game wasn’t a sales behemoth, it was a critical success, and fans of the bright and vibrant first-person parkour action  game have been clamouring for a sequel. EA explains why it’s taken so damned long.

"It’s taken this long because we wanted to get to the right concept and the right idea," said former DICE guy and now EA label VP Patrick Söderlund  to Gamereactor. "And Sara Jansson who is producer on it, when she pitched her idea to me and Karl-Magnus, the GM for DICE, I was frankly blown away.

"She pitched an idea that frankly could only be built on gen 4, is a stunning concept, and when she came to us we knew we had it. And yes, we’ve been testing ideas and we’ve been prototyping stuff, and I’m glad that we waited to get the right idea.

"It will be a very innovative game that people, I think, will be surprised by what we show. I’m genuinely excited by it."

The next-generation game, says Söderlund will be a different Mirror’s Edge; rebooting the series and taking place in an open world. I’m excited to see what DICE does with the series I just really, really hope they manage to not screw it up.

Last Updated: July 29, 2013

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