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Why Leipzig will never work

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Resident Evil 5 After the misery of E3 this year gaming fans around the world started looking for our next big expo fix.

Leipzig was next in line and perfectly poised to wrestle the crown from E3. It’s smack bang in the middle of the biggest (debatable) gaming market in the world, Europe.

It is close to many of the large studio’s and is half way between the other two main gaming markets, the US and Japan.

However things are just not working out. First Microsoft leaked that they won’t be announcing anything new at Leipzig, this was then followed by the announcement that they won’t even have a press conference at Leipzig.

All eyes then turned to Sony and it looks like Sony has this conference wrapped up with Sackboy and very little else. Nintendo looks to be continuing its indifference to conferences and with the latest news of Resident Evil not being shown it appears that this conference isn’t going to see much of anything.

So why is it doomed to fail? Well the Resident Evil withdrawal is the killer blow. They have been forced to withdraw thanks to Germany’s draconian laws against video games. Violent video games are illegal in the country, that’s why we can’t get the Gears map pack.

So it’s no suprise that Microsoft, with Gears 2, are not interested in seeing Leipzig succeed. Sony may not be showing Resistance 2 either and you can bet Mad World from Nintendo isn’t going to be making a showing.

So unless Germany changes their laws and quick, Leipzig is never going to be the industry leader in gaming conventions… no matter what else it tries.

Last Updated: August 18, 2008

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