Why PS3 installs are a good thing

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image This is possibly the worst reason I have seen anywhere to attempt to justify the 5GB install that DMC4 and Hot Shots Golf need on the PS3.

Apparently according to TheBitBag and Torrence Davis the reason that PS3 owners should love the 5GB installs is because it will reduce noise and wear and tear on the Blu-Ray drive.

Now forgive me if I am wrong here but one of the great feature wins of the PS3 is the fact that the drive is so much quieter than the 360 and if we are worried about the Blu-Ray drive breaking by playing games then the PS3 has some serious issues.

As you may have noticed I wasn’t phased enough about the install for DMC to even post about it, I did however have an issue when it was rumoured that Hot Shots would need this install as well as I worry about this becoming the norm. I want to be able to put a disc in and play and not have to worry about anything else.

The Bitbag » Playstation 3 Owners Should Love 5g Installs

Last Updated: February 13, 2008

Gavin Mannion

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  • Banana hammock

    I think they mean the LONG term wear and tear, like 8 years.

    Also, while the drive is quite it’s not completely silent. And the HDD will always be quiter and faster.

    I think it’s a good thing, for a pathetic 20min once off setup i’m more than happy with it.

  • LazySAGamer

    I still think it’s a bad idea, especially if it becomes a common occurence.

  • Fox1

    This defeats the purpose of a console. PS 1’s are still around with perfectly working ROM’s.

    I especially have a problem with this when we will have to install a sports sim. Imagine waiting 20mins just to have a quick round of FIFA or FORZA!!!

  • Gallie

    I also have a problem with this. One of the (many) reasons I moved from PC gaming to console gaming, is to simply pop the game disc into the tray and start playing immediately.

  • Messiah

    I am assuming it is going to be a once off install. I don’t mind it, need to use the hard drive for something 🙂

  • Banana hammock

    It’s once off guys, and it will then save you time by cutting loading times forever after that.

  • Abe

    A once of 20min install is worth it for a life time of no/little loading, just so long as my drive doesnt get clogged up!

  • LazySAGamer

    Apparently the load times are still equal to the 360’s after this install. Someone mentioned they can be skipped however and I can’t find a definitive answer to that.

  • doobiwan

    It cuts loads times down a whole 1 second from the 360 version, on 2-3 second loads. Whoop di do!

    Frankly I reckon it’s all a non issue load of bollocks anyway. When Sony start doing CD key checks, then you’ve got another thing coming . . .

  • Tan

    This HDD installation thing aint new… HS & Virtua Fighter 5 had it, as an option of course. So far only DMC4 had this 20min 5giger thing going, but anyway its really not a big deal to me as its once off. It is much better than this whole 4 game disc trend.


    is it not?

  • LazySAGamer

    The multiple disc thing is not a trend, it’s been around for ages. That packaging is shocking however.

  • Tan365

    Well the X360 is ‘next-gen’ and is the first to release games on multiple discs, a joke at 4. And if you read my post again

    i said i’d much prefer the installation process as was the case with HS and VF5 as opposed to this old 4 disc system,

    especially considering how some 360s have DVD issues. Just putting this installation thing into context there lazysagamer.

    You must also remember the developer’s role in this (ie. VF5 was only 2gbs). Again, it is much better then this multiple

    disc trend the 360 is pursuing.

    Doing something on a current (7th) generation console and justifying by pointing at something a 5th generation console (PS1)

    did is to me, non-debatable & quite comical.

  • doobiwan

    Hey Tans back, where’s my pitchfork . .. . 😉

    You’ve got to be a special kind of Lazy to make such a noise about having to swap a disc.

    And BR is good for what again? 6 hours of badly compressed Heavenly sword? 9/10 hours of drakes fortune?

    Thanks I’ll take 40+ hours of Mass Effect on a single DVD.

  • Tan365

    ‘sigh’ yes hi again doobiwan

    Its not even about lazyness; try evolution … change, progression etc Come on mate, 4 bloody discs in 2008; over a max 20 min HDD installation that only one game to date has forced.(note: VF5’s 2gb was like 3mins & optional). U exaggerate when u mention i make a noise abt disc swapping by the way. But i do believe it should be a thing of the past, its lousy.

    Its BD … Blu-ray Disc, not BR (learn it). I didnt even mention BD, u brought it up. I’m not gonna go there… and Mass Effect was really good but my bro kept getting disc errors and the game has too many tech issues but is still great.

    But i’m talking abt HDD installation as opposed to 4 disc packs etc. And for that i re-state this :

    “Again, it is much better then this multiple disc trend the 360 is pursuing. Doing something on a current (7th) generation console and justifying by pointing at something a 5th generation console (PS1)did is to me, non-debatable & quite comical.”

  • Abe

    Tan, getting biased PS3 news is something you need to deal with when visiting this blog. Lazy dont get me wrong you know Im a fan and this isnt the first time Im saying this, but just take 90% of the news on here with a pinch of salt and read about all the bad xbox press on other sites!

  • doobiwan

    roflmao Abe, that’s serious fanboy bull. Lazy has been exceptionally fair posting pro PS3 stuff, a [email protected] ton of it lately actually.

    I’m not worried about disc “evolution” Tan. The Wii is still kicking the PS3’s a$$ six ways till Sunday and see just how “evolved” the Wii is. But, as I said in fairness to both sides. Trying to make an issue of of either is just stupid because neither actually affect the game. What you should be worried about is Sony introducing CD-keys on installable games, bye bye resale.

    And it’ll always be BR to anyone who uses English. We refer to it as Blu-Ray, I’ve never uses “Blu-Ray Disc” is a sentence in my life, and in which case it’d be BRD anyway.

    If some marketing company wants to **** up the English language they can do whatever they want. Technically, it’s BR.

  • Tan365

    No its Blu-ray Disc, BD. Simple mate, put ur dictionary back in ur blazer pocket & get with the programme. I dont care what u and ur mates call it, ur wrong. period.

    I love how you mention things besides the points being made (ie. ur Wii comment, oh & its also schooling the 360 if u really must mention it). You raise how the Wii is outselling the PS3 yet make no point. The Wii doesnt need the capacity of BD becoz of the content in its games (that one was easy). Lost Odyssey & Blue Dragon NEED the capacity and provide it in ur splendid 3/4/6 … 78 disc package. Enjoy it!

    Warhawk is offered both as dl only or BD, u mention CD-keys on installable games … speculation no matter how well spewed does not equal fact.

    I prefer a 5min install over this method as i find it grossly backwards, simple.

    Again, DMC4 is a multiplat not optimized for PS3 & has a 20min install, one case presented as the inevitable norm.. gee whizz mate. Incase u didnt read it the first two times, here goes :

    “Again, it is much better then this multiple disc trend the 360 is pursuing. Doing something on a current (7th) generation console and justifying by pointing at something a 5th generation console (PS1)did is to me, non-debatable & quite comical.”

  • Fox1

    Damn! Looking at that packaging 1 of those discs are guaranteed to get damaged all on it’s own. The upside though is that they are giving us the whole game and not in sequels.

    @Tan- Those read issues you have are DVD_ROM based. It messes up the in-game textures and everything. I got my console swapped out and it’s fine. I used to get floaty cars in FORZA 2! Lol

    @Tan and Doobiwan- What if the devs can’t fit a game on 1 DVD or 1 BD???

  • Tan365

    Well fox, u saw the XBOX360 4 DVD Lost Odyssey package. Ridiculous in 2008 for me. So that answers ur question abt DVD.

    Well such a game would have to be well over 25gb. Blu-ray already has 50gb dual layer disks.

    It could even get better if u read the link below.


    Abt Mass Effect, the tech issues are well documented (especially pop in textures etc) Anyway the 360’s my bros. & has surprisingly not failed + warranty is only a yr for non RROD issues

  • LazySAGamer

    @Abe, I feel I have been very fair to the PS3 of late and have even started to receive complaints from 360 fans for my postings… makes a change 🙂

    Either way having to install a console game is a bad idea and backing it as okay is only going to lead you into a corner. It’s a dumb idea

  • Tan365

    brilliant, so that sums up everything then … no explanations, no reasons, no rationale? its just a dumb idea.

    for f**k sakes!

    hmmm, lemme try … multiple disks is not next gen but an outdated dumb idea.

    ooh i made a sentence out of it & it still works, i’m right! … ‘sigh’

  • LazySAGamer

    @Tan365, the multiple reasons for it being a bad idea have been listed but I will post them all here now.

    1. Your HDD is limited and you will need to start uninstalling games one day
    2. By having an install and still requiring the disc they can lock the game to your console only
    3. There have been no benefits listed for why it is a good idea 🙂

    I am not saying that Blu-Ray is a bad idea so I am not sure how the multiple discs of Lost Odyssey came into this? I am saying having to install a console game is a bad idea and it becomes an even worse idea when the 360 version of the game doesn’t need to be installed and has the same load times….

  • J4NR1K

    If I want to install something, I’ll play on a PC.

    If I want to pop in and play, I’ll do my 360 thing, thank you very mutch.

    I stand at what I said earlier:”Blu ray only beats DVD on read spead at very small file levels. Anything else, it is dog slow.

    Also remember that the PS3 has half the memory for the data to stream into, and I think this is a way for lazy devs to get around that.

    Not a huge issue, if it helps getting PS3 games of the production lines faster, but the “go make a sandwitch while it loads’ comments from Capcom rubs me the wrong way.

    Rather explain to all why they went this route and get on with life.

    Each system has a pro and con to it. It is time that people get over themselves and get on with it.”

  • doobiwan

    Tan, are you still trying to convince yourself that you have to repeat yourself 3 times?

    I’m glad you think multiple discs is such an issue in your life. It goes to character and at you’re least consistent. Some of the greatest games released have been multi disc and it’s done exactly nothing to deter sales or enjoyment.

    Your obsession with the subject unfortunately says you’re only interested in showing off a shiny piece of kit to your mates rather than actually playing games.

    Fair enough, each to their own, me I’m here for games worth playing so ce la vie.

  • Darthdad

    Well said J4NR1K! I enjoy both systems for different reasons.

    @doobiwan, there are also a lot of great games that have needed installation.

  • Tan365

    @ lazy, thats better… so no more ‘its a dumb idea’ one liners then bud. However, ur two points are still speculative in nature.

    @ jnrik i agree with most of what u said & i like how balanced ur opinion is compared to what is usually posted here. Especially abt the “make a sandwich thing.” However u then mention the PS3 having half the memory (compared to what?). PS3 doesnt use its components similar to other platforms and the memory is XDR which is more advanced. But BD had no problems delivering an HD epic like Uncharted both in quality and good load times. I’m amused abt the premonitions some have on waiting 5 mins ONCE OFF leading us to hell.

    @doobiwan LOL You really are a colourful nerd pal, i’m not trying to convince myself anything. U are the one with premonitions of HDD installations without empirical evidence. ‘sigh’ Great games of yesteryear on mutiple disks u say ‘sigh’ that just leaves me sad .. U really need me to repeat that statement a third time don’t u;as u ironically continue to spew that reasons we should have 4 disc games is good coz games of yesterday had them & were great. LOL .. here goes for a THIRD time for YOU doobi 🙂

    “Again, it is much better then this multiple disc trend the 360 is pursuing. Doing something on a current (7th) generation console and justifying by pointing at something a 5th generation console (PS1)did is to me, non-debatable & quite comical.”

    Now lets move on to other matters

  • ocelot

    Mass Effect – 10 hours of unique gameplay, 30 hours of recycled rooms and quests.

  • doobiwan

    Tan, you struggling with the counting thing there bud? I understand for some of you it’s hard, if you want my 3 year old can help you out with it.

    I neither promote nor object to Multiple discs. I feel it’s irrelevant in my life. Likewise I’m totally ambivalent towards installs on a console. To a degree I actually support them and enjoy things like fully downloadable Xbox originals.

    You on the other hand seen be be obsessed with the subject which I merely find amusing.

    On lockout paranoia, I advise you take the cottonwool out your ears. This is the company that will happily rootkit PC’s to protect their software, and more importantly, lest you forgot, there is already a precedent with Pro Evo Soccer on the PS3.

  • doobiwan

    Sorry for the DP but a bit of a noteworthy redux:

    Sony already has patents on embedded key lockdown for the PS3:

    So don’t think it’s that impossible . ..

    @ocelot – just a correction:
    Mass Effect = 24 hours unique game play, 30 hours of recycled rooms and quests. 😉

  • Tan365

    LOL Whoah! u dug up a Nov 8 2005 article there, Doobiwan thats just desperate and the article mentions how unlikely ur premonitions are lol. I sold my PES 08 just fine thanx and one can easily continue playing online with a 2nd hand copy mate (do some research, oh & the game doesnt neccessitate an HDD install… its optional).

    Again u continue to throw words like obsession and paranoia etc and we’ve never even met ‘sigh’ u. You continue on things besides the issue at hand which i’ve explained suffeciently enough. I think u should be listening to ur kid more and not the other way around.

    So, more non-points by you. Whatelse is new? Go ‘cel a vie’ already good friend 😉

    Ps. Com’on mate … a 2005 article was the best u could do? that was even b4 the console was out. lol

  • doobiwan

    Hello, is anyone home there in Tan land?

    A 2005 article is exactly the point. You think they apply for patents after they build the box?

    The fact is it’s in there, part of the system. Do I think they’ll ever use it? They’d be idiots to. But then again, that’s never stopped Sony before.

    Okay I’ll give up, I don’t expect you to get it, they suckered you into paying full price for it already, you’ve still got a lot more justifying to do.

  • ocelot

    Mass Effect’s main quest will take you 10 hours to complete, 24 if you walk instead of run and die a 100 times.

  • Tan365

    lol … that article was a 2005 rumour that Joystiq dont even see likely but enough now doobiwan, go play GeOW.

    The only person who’s been justifying his purchase has been u ever since u got ur xbox360. Come on take a break now, just a week. I’ve said my piece & there’s no more to add. Go ‘cel a vie’ already, u promised.

  • ManesanZA

    While I can certainly see the benefit of larger capacity discs, Tan365, you base your fanboy attack against the 360 based on 2 japanese developed rpgs with an insane amount of pre-rendered cut scenes.
    If you look at the PC scene which has previously determined which format is neccessary for gaming, only when multiple discs became irritating(nascar acing requiring 16 stiffies. etc.) did compact disk become the defacto standard by general concensus with no objections. Why does blu-ray with its additional costs seem neccessary when every AAA game which cames out last year could easily fit onto DVD.
    Sure, future-proofing is nice, but why not let blu-ray mature by letting movies come out, cheaper drives, cheaper disks etc and when the gaming community actually needs it we will take it. hell, you might even see a BD on the Xbox720.
    BUT, dont tell me it is needed right now when the best and majority of games out dont need it(At a higher cost).

  • Tan365

    bah … have your 5 disc set than laddie. I’m not gonna repeat myself again, this is getting long winded. U’ve brought nothing new to the table. I’ve said my piece!

  • ManesanZA

    Tan365, you missed the entire point. Why do i need to keep a 5 disc set for 2 mediocre JRPS when all the AAA’s are 1 DVD??

  • JimBob

    Blu-Ray isn’t essential yet for most mainstream games, but it’s certainly a nice to have for uncompressed audio and cut-scenes. Just check out the audio and the high-res cut-scenes in Uncharted, for example. Great, great stuff.

  • Tan365

    @ Jimbob , thanx 4 fielding that one. So rationale u are.

    @ ManeshZA if u follow the debate. Ppl were going on abt the doomsday HDD installs are going to lead us to hell. Locked Games etc blahblah … speculation. I mentioned how i prefer such a trend then flogging the 5disc thing that the x360 is still making a trend of ‘sigh’. Two trends, ‘future talk’ … premonition galore … i’m out now.

    I hope u realise there are issues already occuring with capacity of DVDs and gaming (ie. AC & GTA IV) Yes they were resolved but we wont know at what cost i.t.o content or whateva the case may be, time will tell.

    Doobiwan mentioned BD not me, i entertained him unfortunately. But eh.. Feel free to convince me i should laud DVD over BD.

    I’m out

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