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Why the 360 will always have the best games

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Our local 360 fanboy leader (Doobiwan) has written another post on is personal site detailing why he thinks the 360 is the better machine, this time in relation to the games.

While Doobiwan has never hid the fact that he is a 360 fanboy I do think he makes some very valid points in his article.

Diving right in, the often quoted console install base is only half the story, attach rate (games sold per console) play as significant a role in putting things in context. The Wii has an install base of around 12.5 million units, but the attach rate is around 2, the PS3 has an install base of around 5.5 million , and an attach rate of about 3. The xbox360 sits at over 12 million sold, but the attach rate sits at 6. The 360 has one of, if not the highest attach rate of a console in history.

He starts off with some possible dubious maths about the attachment rates of all three machines, while I agree the 360 easily has the best attachment rate I am not sure we can bundle 2 PS3 games with the majority of PS3 hardware sales. The starter pack is quite a new addition to the family.

Anyway the part I really agree with is where he goes on to compare the unified platforms of the 360 and PC compared to the different and difficult to develop for PS3. If you were a new independent developer with an idea for a game. Which would you prefer to do?

Develop a prototype for the PC and 360 using the tools you always have, and which are available for free, or develop a prototype for the PS3 using tools that you had to pay huge amounts of money for and get permission to use first?

By simple arithmetic the PS3 would attach 11 million game sales, compared to 60 million units on the 360. While not an exact measurement that basically says the average 3rd party game would potentially do 6 times as well on the 360 platform as it would on the PS3. But it doesn’t end there.

Now taking into consideration that Sony won’t pay for exclusives and has the smallest installation base, and Microsoft will pay and has the best installation rate and you can see why the Xbox 360 is always going to have the best games in this generation and until Sony start paying for exclusives and giving away development kits that is not going to change.

So who can find a fault in this logic?

Gamer ZA: Armchair Analysis: The 3rd party games game by the numbers

Last Updated: October 26, 2007

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