Why you Can’t have Cross Game Chat : Is a Major Publisher Holding Back The PS3?

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The internet rumour mill is in full swing, this time laced with more than just a little conspiracy; An anonymous N4G forum user by the name of Super_Secret – who claims to be an employee of Sony Japan – has divulged why you can’t have unified custom soundtracks, and by extension cross-game chat on your PS3.

Normally nobody really pays attention to random forum users, but Super_Secret was eerily correct when he leaked information on the PS3 slim back in June; He said the install other OS option would be missing, said the touch-sensitive buttons would be replaced by regular buttons and was also spot on regarding Hard Drive size.

In his latest forum rambling, Super_Secret has revealed just why you can’t have Cross-Game chat (a staple feature of the undeniably superior paid Xbox Live service) – and as a result has created an internet army of angry PS3 fans.

According to the cryptic internet ninja, a rather large corporation is responsible for you not having built-in cross-game chat. That same company is responsible for the lack of integrated custom soundtracks. If you recall in the preview video for firmware 2.4, custom soundtracks was working fine for 95%, but by the time 2.4 actually launched, that feature was missing. Of course, some games now support the feature, but it has to be coded in to the game.

Anyway, apparently one large publisher’s games fell in to that 5%, and didn’t want their games to look bad – so they requested the feature be dropped from Sony’s firmware update. Similar to that issue is the one of Cross-Game chat, a heavily requested feature. Apparently the same publisher has a hand in that feature not being implemented as some of their (apparently poorly coded) games won’t work with it – and they threatened to drop support for Sony’s console if it showed their games in a bad light.

While not naming the publisher directly, the poster did leave an encoded message divulging its identity. Needless to say, the message was decoded rather quickly :

” It’s not Activision. It’s not Ubisoft. It’s not Capcom. It’s not Insomniac. It’s not Konami. It’s not Take 2. It’s not Midway. It’s not Squaresoft. are wE All getting the picture yet? One point I want to reiterate – there’s a difference between the games that didn’t work with in-game XMB and the games that DID work with in-game XMB but DIDN’T work well with custom soundtracks, so stop picking out the ones that simply didn’t do in-game XMB. Also, it wasn’t just ONE game that caused this, either. Although one title does come to mind and it wasn’t even what you or I would call a “Big” game. I’ll give you a hint: HPatOofP. “

The internet quickly realised that the publisher in question was EA, and the hint alluded to “Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix” which resulted in a flurry of very, very angry PS3 fans bombarding the EA forums with questions, expressing their vitriol and threatening to boycott EA. This quickly devolved in to a forum war involving large quantities of the very worst in scat porn – which made me ashamed to be a gamer, and a human being.

Both Sony and EA have vehemently denied this, but isn’t that to be expected? While this all may seem a little far fetched, it’s not implausible for it to be true. You may remember that EA dropped support the Dreamcast, effectively sentencing it to death. They also threatened to boycott Microsoft’s original Xbox over Microsoft’s own line of sport games. Remember Links golf?

Original N4G thread here.

Last Updated: August 28, 2009

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